Our Home

The exterior was actually just fine beforehand - we thought it was quite charming (besides the dead plants - this photo was taken in the winter). 

We were fortunate to qualify for a new roof after some hail damage, and during the process we had all of the trim on the house painted a darker gray. We also did some plant rearranging, so that there are equal amounts of plants on both sides of the front sidewalk.

Front Porch
This picture was um, offensive to say the least. We love having a screened in porch, and we knew once it was decorated it would be so much more welcoming.

We painted the interior walls, the trim, and the bench (to match the front door). We also hung string lights, a no-sew banner and some plants as well as made a pallet table and ordered chairs. Ah, so.much.better.

Living Room
The living room is small, but it has tall ceilings. We thought the two-tone brown wasn't doing it any favors and the white window cornices weren't doing it any favors.

We painted the entire room and ceiling with a neutral color, brought in a colorful rug and accessories, arranged the built-in bookshelves, and of course furniture really makes a room look a lot better :)

Dining Room
Once again, a completely offensive before picture. At this point, the walls had been painted, but it was just full of random old furniture that we have since given away or sold on craigslist. 

We bought a table on super-sale, painted some old chairs, created a coffee bar, and added some random pictures we had lying around the house. 

Laundry Room 
The previous owner's had painted the laundry room green, but it looked really choppy since it is connected with the kitchen.

We repainted it the same color as the kitchen, brought in a cabinet for dog supplies, added some accessories and a new light fixture and did a lot of organizing.

Ah, the kitchen. We were fortunate to not have to do much to the kitchen besides changing the light fixtures, adding in some accessories and painting and organizing the pantry. I wouldn't say the kitchen is "our style," but it's pretty and very functional.

A hallway is well, a hallway. But since our house is small, every inch of space has to be thought-out.  

 We painted the walls and ceiling the same color as the living room and hung new light fixtures. We also hung a piece of painted fabric, a mirror I found on the side of the road and a collection of photos in black frames.

It is really difficult to get good photos of this room, but the walls were originally painted a metallic gold and the cabinet was painted metallic green. It just wasn't working for us.

We went a little crazy by painting stripes on the walls and a bright green on the ceiling. We replaced the medicine cabinet with a shelf, replaced the light fixtures, painted the cabinet black and brought in some extra storage with a shelf.

Guest Room/Office
This room was originally a baby blue color, so we painted it a medium gray, installed crown molding and then filled it with junk and let it sit that way for a few months.

We downsized the original desk, brought in a thrifted file cabinet, painted a existing shelf to match the wall and had roman shades made by a friend.

This side of the room holds a love seat that folds out into a double bed and a map that holds pins of all of the places we have visited. This area of the house is definitely my least favorite, but I have a plan!

Master Bedroom 
We painted the room this dark gray color before we moved it (it was originally green) and installed a chandelier given to use by a friend. Then the room sat like this for way too long (and yes, those "curtains" are a sheet hung on a shower curtain rod. Klassy).

To make the room liveable, we made a headboard, installed crown molding, put in roman shades and curtains and brought in some accessories. Now it's my favorite room in the house!

***If you are interested in more details about sources, paint colors, etc. check out the "House by Room" page to look at specifics about each room.
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