Oct 30, 2018

An update of sorts.

Dear friends, internet, people behind a screen,

Hello. How are you?

It's me, Ashley.

I have so much I want to share. Lots of projects that I am working on. Fun things. But, because of my type-a-list-making-brain, I feel like I can't share anything out of order. I feel like I have to catch up all of the back-story posts in order to post about what is actually going on right now.

Today, I am letting that go!

So, first things first. We moved. AGAIN. Quick recap: we moved from Norman to Oklahoma City in May of 2015. Then we moved from Oklahoma City to Tulsa in July of 2017. And then, this past summer, July 2018, we moved from Tulsa BACK to Oklahoma City.

It is wearing me out to even read that paragraph. Oh man. It has been a crazy few years. For anyone wanting an explanation about why we moved that much, it was all for my husband's job, but it is nothing we ever planned or expected. Technically we had a choice each time and the company moved us (packed, hired movers, etc). So, it was all as calm and peaceful as moving can ever be.

(me on a recent trip to Maine)

Well, besides that fact that I am preggo. Yep, pregnant with number 3. We did this most recent move while I was in the first trimester. So, we have essentially added a kid in each move.

Because we are crazy.

Maybe. No, we probably are. But, I am happy to report that our marriage is solid, our kids seem to be thriving and God is good. Always. He has shown us that time and time again. As much as we loved our last few houses (and we did!!!) this new house feels like home and we are making really fast progress on it.

The house we bought in Tulsa was a fixer-upper and about 6 months-in we found out we might be moving. We kept fixing it up, but with more of a "flip mindset" (aka, what would be appealing to the most people). It all paid off and God faithfully provided us a fast buyer who offered asking price. I cried when we got the offer because I was just so overwhelmed. Eric and I put SO MUCH sweat equity into that house (not to mention actual money) so to see it pay off was awesome. We planned on living there a long time, but we are so proud of the work we did and the buyers were excited about it too.

Which brings me to our current house. Our house search was crazy, as they always seem to be, but God provided a great house, in a great neighborhood, at the right time. We felt pretty strongly that we needed to take a break on owning a fixer-upper... mostly because we spent most of our weekends for an entire year working on our last house... we both feel like we need to be doing fun things with our kids a little more often at this phase of life :) So, this house was "done" when we bought it... BUT we have already painted half the walls and replaced all of the light fixtures :) So, we obviously love working on houses.

And that is what I want to show you! I want to show real-time stuff that I am working on. I feel like instagram is the best method to do this - join me there if you haven't already @creamtomycoffee.


  1. Holy smokes!! That's quite an update!! So excited for your growing family. Congrats on the new new house. As someone who's also moved a lot, I can relate to all the chaos moving and settling into a new city again and again. You can do it!! I'm glad to hear that you just get to personalize this house and enjoy those kiddos. Thanks for the update.

  2. I agree - holy smokes what an update! Congrats on all these great things, and condolences on the crazy ;-) And yes to house photos, no matter what platform.


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