Aug 22, 2018

Girl's Bohemian Nursery - Before and After

Hey friends! It's been a while. Unfortunately, it seems I'm obligated to being every single blog post with that sentence... but the blog is still here and it's still my space and I keep holding onto it for whatever reason. So! I'm working on catching you guys up on a few room makeovers. The first one is my daughter's nursery, which ended up being one of my favorite rooms in the house. But first, the befores. I'm cracking up at these pictures because they are... terrible. 

Baby added to photo for drama's sake - "isn't it so sad that baby had to sleep in this awful room?" :)

So one of the main issues here was the carpet - it honestly doesn't look as bad in these photos - it is literally a dark salmon color. The house was vacant for a year when we moved in and before that it was owned by an elderly couple. So, the room just felt so dated. The paint color was a creamy yellow and all of the trim was actually the same color. Oh and the curtains. Oh man. They were floral and weren't even the right size. You can see that I placed numerous blanks and things over them to try to keep the light out while we got everything ready.

And now, the afters!

The first thing we did was paint! I never thought I would paint a room pink, but all of the furniture we used was from my son's nursery and I decided it would help make the room feel more feminine and ultimately just different than his nursery. So pink it was! It was actually difficult to pick a pink paint color. We tested 4-5 options and they were all really overwhelming and too bright. The color we chose (Ella Rose by Magnolia Home) was the  least pink of all of them.

We replaced the carpet, painted the trim (it took 3 coats!), replaced the curtains and added some decor. We really didn't have to buy much, which was really nice.

paint: Ella Rose by Magnolia Home
crib: walmart
mobile: pottery barn kids (no longer available - similar)
small white shelf: urban outfitters
curtains: target (blackout!)
wood shelf: made by Eric's grandpa
rocking pig: land of nod (no longer available but they still sell the lion version)
bronze picture ledges: urban outfitters (super similar)
hanging lamp: ikea
changing table: vintage
ottoman: target
crib skirt: I bought a curtain and cut it into a skirt
wall hanging: modified from this DIY

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  1. Ohhhh I love a baby room that's cute without being cutesy - looks very sweet but still totally looks like it belongs in your house. Also love a room that can be girly without being over-the-top princessy. Basically, you nailed it! :) Love how the paint color turned out, when paired with all of the other pieces.


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