May 17, 2018

The Bathroom Renovation!

A little bit of back story on our house. We had a long and exhausting house search (just like our other house searches - we are the pickiest people when it comes to houses) complete with feelings of frustration, confusion, sadness... all of the emotions. I won't bore you with the details of how we found this house, but it was 100% God's timing and the perfect house for us. One story, 4 bedrooms, wood floors everywhere and in a great location close to everything we wanted to be close to.

But! Oh, the buts. We were able to afford the house because it needed work. And the hall bathroom was definitely the worst of the worst. Get ready to feast your eyes:

Yup. Pretty impressive, right? That walk-in bath tub was a beast. An elderly couple lived in the house before us and while I'm sure it was nice for them to have that tub, it made the bathroom a disaster. We have two small children and that was the only bath in the house, so we needed to get it updated asap. The rest of the bathroom wasn't that bad - the colors were fine though obviously original - but all needed to go. The layout of the bathroom stayed the same which kept costs down significantly. And here it the bathroom now:

As you can see, we ripped out everything, including the cabinets facing the wall when you walk in, and two different soffits that made the room feel so much smaller than it was.

I'm sure your surprised that we took out the senior-citizen-bathtub :) We went with a classic subway tile with a dark grout and we LOVE IT. The bathroom mainly gets used by the kids and guests, but I find myself randomly standing in it to admire it ever so often :)

Deciding on lights and mirrors was the hardest decision. I knew we wanted tilt mirrors because the wall tile would be high and also because I thought it would be nice for kids to be able to use the mirror no matter their height. There were just not many tilt mirrors with substantial frames out there! Ultimately we got these on super sale and then spray painted them black. And the lights took a while to arrive but they were totally worth it!

The vanity has plenty of room for everything we need to store and it has soft-close doors/drawers which is awesome since we are mainly using this room for the kids!

We hired a lot of the work out (including the tile!) which was nice. However we were able to save some money by doing most of the plumbing work (installing the vanity sinks and putting in a new toilet), and we (Eric) did a lot of the electrical work. While the renovation was happening it felt like it took forever, but now looking back I hardly remember it. Totally worth it! 

Vanity (including top and sinks): Wayfair
Subway tile: floor and decor
Herringbone tile: floor and decor
Roman shade:
Mirrors: pottery barn
Laundry basket: home goods
Art: thrifted (similar)
Rug: RugsUSA



  1. you're just going to have to turn around and install another senior citizen bathtub! JK, that's quite the reno though! Looks great, I love the green :)

  2. Gorgeous!! I love everything about it - the tile, the hardware, those oval mirrors, the green and the sink cabinet. I think I'd be hanging out in this bathroom a ton. You and your hubby do great work. Excited to see what project you tackle next. If you can manage that giant tub, you can do anything :)

  3. I know I said it on Instagram...but I love all of this beautiful white tile! I love how the herringbone and the subway tile pattern give it such texture despite being monochromatic - and the pop of green on top is so lovely. Also, one of my life goals is to have double sinks. Definitely bookmarking some of your photos for when we get around to our bathroom reno. Though luckily our "before" is pretty decent, much more something I can live with than what you initially had going on there ;-)


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