Jun 9, 2016

Jamberry Review

I am excited to share a product with you guys that I recently tried called Jamberry. It has been around for a while so you might have seen it before, it's essentially a wrap-thing for your nails that lasts longer than regular nail polish. My friend Lauren sells them and she has been sharing her cute nails for so long that I finally decided to try it!

I hardly ever paint my nails because it's such a hassle so it was nice to actually have pretty nails for a change. And I got so many compliments. You know, not the end goal, but definitely a bonus :) 

I thought I would share a little pro/con list for you in case you had been wondering about them the way that I had been.

  • Cute, cute nails. The designs are awesome, there is a lot to choose from and the styles are always changing. 
  • Long-lasting. They are advertised to last up to two weeks and mine lasted about 12-ish days, which is much longer than regular nail polish for me.
  • They are non-toxic and you don't need to use chemicals to remove them. You just soak them in water and peel them off when you are ready to remove them. 
  • Price point. At first, I thought they were expensive ($14 per pack) but I realized each pack contains enough for two sets of nails and/or a set for your toes so I feel like it's a decent deal. 
  • If you buy three sets, you get one free. That is what I did and it was nice to get 4 different patterns at the same time AND getting a free set was a bonus. 

  • There is definitely a learning curve for application. My first try had a few bumps and ridges... they looked good from far away but up close you could tell they weren't perfect. However, my second attempt looked awesome! So I think it's a pretty fast learning curve. 
  • It bothers me that there is a shipping fee. I know that it's probably not a big deal, but I am so used to free shipping at most of the stores I go to, so it just kind of bugged me. Call me spoiled.
  • Since you use water to remove the wraps, I felt like my nails lasted longer when I kept them out of water as much as possible. Obviously I went swimming (see above photo) but I have been trying to be good about wearing gloves when doing dishes and things like that (which I should probably be doing anyway so I don't have old lady hands when I'm 30).
So, those are my thoughts. Let me know if you have any questions. I enjoy reading un-biased reviews so I thought I would share mine (I bought the wraps with my own moola). But of course selfish plug is coming... If you are interested, I would be honored if you bought the wraps with my link :)   My sweet nail lady, Lauren said she'd throw in a free pedicure set for anyone who orders from my link! 

Join me in my new Jamberry obsession, won't you? Some of my favorite wraps right now are:

gold and white Gatsby style
this super cute spring rose style
for the fourth of july!
this super dainty floral
colorful and graphic


  1. I've tried Jamberry a few times and liked them a lot. I think another con may be the time it takes to apply. It's normally taken me an hour. But the price point is great and the designs are all awesome! I love the ones you picked!

  2. I love Jams! I'm a consultant. :) I will say that even though they take a while to apply, the no dry time is the big winner! I remove mine with the cuticle oil. I haven't heard of removing them with water before!


  3. These are so fun! I love that white floral one especially. But feel like I would have total fails on actually applying them... even with your helpful tips :)

  4. They look great! Love the floral and have always been intrigued by the idea of Jamberry. I rarely paint my nails because they chip so quickly so I could see that these would be awesome if they are long lasting. I agree with you = boo to a shipping fee especially when they're packaged flat.

  5. I agree on the shipping, plus I think it is high considering it is a flat mailed item.
    Butttt, yes there's a learning curve but once you find your tricks, no biggie! I love jams!!! Mine have lasted up to 3 weeks before! Love that you can do a few at a time and go work on something. I always always would mess up my painted nails because I didn't sit still long enough for them to dry. Haha

  6. The Sunday Brunch ones are so cute!


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