May 18, 2016

Style: Floral for Spring!

dress: old navy (similar but cuter) // wedges: toms // 
bracelets: h&m (similar); kendra scott // earrings: ks

I love floral prints so much. So, so much. Especially dark floral prints because they are easy to wear. And edgy. Don't I look so edgy (*sarcasm)? I wore this to my cousin's wedding shower and even though I look like a pasty ghost, I was so excited to wear a dress! Last summer I was still nursing so I did not wear dresses often and they are just my favorite. One piece and you're done. Also, this dress was $7. So that's pretty legit. It was a good length until I made the mistake of drying it. And this is technically a "tall" size too. So, ultimately, we have an edgy-dark-floral-mini-dress look going on here. 

Now that I have spilled the randomness that is my brain, I will share that we are going on vacation in the next few weeks! Eric and I are having a little baby-free getaway to the beach and I'm so excited but also getting so sad about leaving Piglet for a few days. Isn't it funny how that works? :)


  1. You look so great! I'm totally with you on loving florals with dark backgrounds!


  2. Love this dress!

    Enjoy your vacation, girl!!

  3. I love this dress! I bought it for myself back in the Fall and wore it often. Can't wait to pull it out again. You're right about dresses being so easy to wear :)

  4. LOVE the dress! You look so pretty <3

    Edye | Http://

  5. This dress is so cute on you!!


  6. That $7 dress is PERFECT!!!!!!!! <3

  7. One piece and you're done - the exact reason i love dresses lol. you do look very edgy, this dress is super cute. enjoy your vacation!


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