May 6, 2016

Budget Rewind: March 2013 & April 2013

 MARCH 2013 
(original budget post)

  • The maxi dress! I have worn it sooooo much (see it with a blazer) though not on the blog for whatever reason. I spent $15 on it so it's definitely been a win. 
  • The skirt, for sure. I bought it because it was $8 and I wear skirts to work a lot... but it's too small. It looks fine on, but the lining is so tight. I actually ended cutting a slit in the lining to try to make it work but I ended up adding it to the donate pile last year.

  • The sweater. A couple of years ago I would have said this was "good" because I wore it to work a lot - it's great for throwing over thin strap dresses. BUT. Now that I work only a couple of days a week I'm way more selective about what I wear and I just haven't worn it that much.
  • The necklace. I have definitely gotten good cost per wear out of it  (see it an outfit) because it was so cheap, but I wouldn't say it's on constant rotation in my closet. However, it's definitely something that I plan on keeping around. 

APRIL 2013 
(original post)


  • Floral pants I still love these. Target just killed it with this print. It took me forever to find a good pair of floral pants (I sent my bff a million dressing room pics trying to find the perfect pair) but I am glad I took my time because these have been awesome. The dark background means they work year round so I have definitely gotten my money's worth on these. ($27.99)
  • Lace blouse This should probably be in the "good" category considering how often I've worn it. I feel like this blouse goes with everything. The reason it goes in the "okay" category is because of the fit. I didn't spend a lot of time looking around for a great fit and this one is too short (of course) and too wide. I am currently looking for a replacement. 


  1. This is a fabulous idea Ashley. I love seeing what you purchased and whether you liked it or not. It's helpful and makes me think about my purchases in the same way. Thank you! You may just see something similar on my blog. Are not the best ideas sometimes borrowed? ;)

  2. This is such a good idea. It's neat to go back and see what you thought when you originally purchased something and whether or not the sentiment is the same. There are so many things in my closet that I bought because it was a steal that have later gone in the donate pile. I'm working on getting only pieces that I love now. I really like the idea of a monthly budget post!

  3. I wish I would have gotten something in that floral print from Target like your pants! I totally missed out! Too bad about the skirt! Sometimes it's just not worth it to keep. I am always working on that!

  4. Shame about the skirt not working out, but great you could donate it on and that you are still enjoying the other things you bought last year! :) I really like the floral pants you got :) And of course the striped maxi dress too! I love a good maxi.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. this is so interesting to look back on things. i went through my older budget posts and there are so many things that have long ago been donated.. though i apparently really wanted/needed them at the time!


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