Mar 2, 2016

Style: When Hunger Strikes

skirt: f21 (similar) // blouse: f21 (similar) // sweater: old navy (similar)
// necklace: target (similar) // boots: halogen (similar)

This outfit made its debut on instagram a few weeks ago. Now that it's March (!!!) it seems a little out of season. BUT. I really really like it. Black and white pattern mixing plus that weird sweater/jacket/thing I got at Old Navy last year. If I had otk (that's over-the-knee for anyone who is not a super cool blogger) boots it would be more in, but that was a trend I passed on this season.

Enough about the outfit. Let's talk about being that one time I was at work and I was so stinking hungry that I almost stole some chips from a bag in the office marked for a food drive... I didn't, I promise, but the fact that it crossed my mind was a little horrifying. Instead I found an old snickers from Valentines Day (2015?) in the back of my drawer and ate that instead. I usually have an old lady "snack drawer" in my desk but apparently I need to refill it!


  1. Being hungry at work is THE WORST. One of the things I am most grateful for regarding my job is that it is easy for me to go get food if I need snacks. I work in an area of DC with a ton of restaurants, stores, bars, food trucks, etc., so there is no shortage of options. There is a downside, too, which is there is a bakery right under my building, and a Krispy Kreme's shop right across the street...

  2. my old lady snack drawer is brimming full of ridiculous things, I get made fun of for it all the time. If you ever need tea (like 4 different options), goldfish, gummy bears, oatmeal, pistachios, or a can of soup, just come on over! ;)

  3. oh my owrk always has granola bars and pretzels in case hunger strikes.. that, and vending machines lol. love this outfit, that sweater is super cute!

  4. This is cute Ashley. :) I like the mixing of patterns and how the necklace pops with the top. That rhymed ;0). I can relate to the hunger pangs...definitely need stocking on good snacks. I was throwing together my own trail mix, but I've gotten a tad lazy!

  5. I hate it when I'm hungry at work and the students comment on my loud stomach! It's so embarrassing! The only reason I don't have a snack drawer is because I'd be 20lbs heavier!

  6. Love the print mixing in your outfit! :)

    My work is terrible when I crave an afternoon snack..there are always multiple fundraisers going on which means boxes of chocolates for sale everywhere in the kitchen. And who can resist chocolate and photos of the cute shelter puppies and kittens the fundraising goes to?! I eat a lot of chocolate at work...ha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. Ha! Hunger will do that to you. ;)

    Adorable outfit!

  8. Somehow when I try to bring food to campus, I end up eating it all and still end up hungry. Luckily there is real food within a very very short walk, or else I'd probably end up eating from the vending machines all the time. Kudos to you for not taking the chips!


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