Mar 24, 2016

Style: Cobalt and Mismatched Lamps

pants: target (similar) // blue button down: f21 (similar) // sweater: h&m (similar)
// booties: dolce vita (similar) // necklace: target (similar)

Three thoughts for today:

1. These cobalt pants might have been the best purchase ever. I have worn them so, so many times.
So this is your friendly PSA - if you don't have a pair of cobalt dress pants, you need some in your life.

2. A sweet student who works in my office gave me the nicest clothing-related compliment recently. She said that I "always (my edit: "sometimes") look cute, but also like I am not trying too hard." That is seriously the whole goal of even sharing my outfits... I want dressing cute to be easy-ish and not overwhelming. There are just so many other things in life to think about, you know?

3. We are currently working on decorating our master bedroom... do you think bedside lamps need to match? I think this is one of those things that I have spent way so much time thinking about that it's a little embarrassing (my annoying #firstworldproblems). I have had trouble finding any inspiration online for mismatched lamps. So, is it fine? Or will I be shunned from the world if my lamps are mismatched?


  1. Ha. I don't think a ton of people will see your bedroom to see the mismatched lamps if you're worried about it ;)


  2. What a sweet compliment...she's right. You always look put together without trying too hard. :) Love those pants too!!! And your hair is getting so long!

  3. I think mismatchy lamps would be cute :)

  4. I like matching lamps, but I think you could definitely go with similar lamps - same height, same shade or same color to get the matching effect if you're trying to work with two different lamps. I have a cobalt pair of maternity skinnies and they are one of my most worn maternity items. I've got to find a comparable pair of non-maternity pants :)

  5. I think matching lamps depends on the vibe you are going for. Matching lamps means a more formal style, if you want cozy/homey go for different ones. :)

  6. Awww... What a precious compliment from the little girl! <3 And I like matching lamps but I think they can totally not match if they're similar in aesthetic.

  7. mismatched lamps are fine! we have mismatched bedside tables, so whatever. and yay for awesome compliments! that is definitely a good goal - i want to look 'cute' or put together without looking like i spend 5 hours getting ready or caring too much (like i would if i say, wore a tulle skirt to work. that would be weird!). also, i need some cobalt pants.

  8. I love those colbalt pants! And I totally think mismatched lamps are fine!

  9. Love the layering in your outfit, I think you have definitely nailed "cute but not try-hard" dressing. Your colleague is right. I'd love to master that one day too! :)

    Away From The Blue

  10. You are most definitely right. I need some cobalt pants in my life! This outfit is so cute!

    Alysia Ave


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