Mar 9, 2016

Style: Black & White for Spring

dress: h&m (similar) // tights: hue // booties: sam edelman // 
tassel necklace: target (similar) // bead necklace: vintage // sweater: old navy (similar)

This outfit is so ridiculously similar to last week's outfit. Because black and white works, apparently. And yes, I'm still posting winter-y outfits. Because I am behind like that. I am currently baking pumpkin bread for my Wednesday morning Bible study so it seems I really am seasonly-challenged. 

But! It's beginning to feel a lot like spring! Piglet and I have been spending a lot of time outside lately, which is so nice. Vitamin D deficiency is a real thing and I think we are recovering. Our new house has a big backyard and I think Piglet sees it as a massive forrest. I see it as a place with too many acorns that he could jam down his throat. I mean, just kidding. I am a really cool, chill mom.


  1. I still have quite a few wintery looks to share. I am just not a bare-legs girl until it gets consistently over 60. Otherwise brrr! Love black and white-you can't go wrong!

  2. The outfit looks great. I especially like the necklace. And...Yes! I wore the same pants in my last two posts. Yup! I'm posting cold weather outfits as well. (I like to be warm!) And I say yes to pumpkin bread any season of the year! :) So essentially I'm one of those "me too" girls.

  3. hahahahaha well hopefully he stays away from acorns. i ma wearing black and white today because you are right. it definitely works.

  4. I have a shirt from H&M that looks just like the top of that dress! I love it. :)

  5. Any day I'm on campus all day in my (windowless) office, and I finally step outside, I'm like yayyyyyy and feel a million times better. Vitamin D deficiency is a real thing. And so are hyper-aggressive acorns. You gotta watch out for those things :P

  6. I'm a completely different person without my Vitamin D. Headache-y and cranky. Thank God my hubs loves me in spite of it!
    Stripes are perfectly acceptable for every day of the year in my opinion! You look great!
    Alysia Ave

  7. There's nothing like spending time outside after being stuck inside all winter long :) Love this outfit <3

    Edye //

  8. I'm a total fan of black and white so this dress is spot on in my books! <3


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