Mar 30, 2016

Style: 70s Inspired

blouse: f21 (similar) // jeans: banana republic (similar) // heels: nine west (similar) // 
sweater: old navy (similar) // necklace: target (similar)

I haven't worn flare jeans in SO LONG. I know they are supposedly coming back, but I am having a hard time being excited about that. I think part of it is because most of my skinny jeans fit like jeggings and regular jeans seem so stiff and uncomfortable in comparison. But anyway, these jeans are probably 6ish years old so hey! things come back in style. 

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend! We had two Easter meals (!) - one with Eric's family for lunch and a big dinner with my extended family. Piglet also got to hunt Easter eggs for the first time. He put 3 in his basket (which was a plastic bucket I dug out of a closet 5min before the hunt) and then he just ran around with two of them in his hands. Ridiculously cute. But I'm biased, obviously. Eric and I constantly have to convince ourselves that our kid isn't the cutest/sweetest/most wonderful kid in the entire world. I am guessing this is a constant issue for all parents. 


  1. I know what you mean. I saved a couple pairs of flares and am glad I did, but now I just want my skinny jeans because they are so stretchy and comfortable!

  2. yup, totally in agreement about the flares. I also saved a few pairs but part of it is I don't think enough time has passed. And now that we know how comfortable skinny jeans are (plus they solve all of the footwear problems, you can wear flats OR heels, but with flares you have a set length so you can only get away with one heel height, boo), I'm not giving them up any time soon!

  3. awww that does sound adorable though! and i think it would be weird if you didn't think your kid was the cutest, lol.

    i don't know how i feel about flares. when skinny jeans first came out, i was like.. no. but now they are all i own. all the things that tell pear shaped women what to wear are like stay away from skinny jeans, wear all the flares or bootcuts, but i wear all the skinny jeans and stay away from the ones they tell me to wear lol. i do think the jeans look great on you though!

  4. I've always loved 70's (and 60's) for the fashion, and your outfit looks great! :)
    I have just about one pair of flares but I'm excited about rocking those since it's been a while since I took them out!

  5. It's so sweet how parents always think their kid is the cutest/best/smartest/etc. I just love that! I bet Piglet really is the best! :)

    Loving this outfit! I'm with you on struggling to bring back the flared jeans (which is funny because I LOVED them for so long). But like you, I've just gotten used to my skinnies!

  6. Glad you had a fun Easter! :)

    I'm loving that flared jeans are "in" again as it justifies why I held onto mine for so long haha. Didn't get to wear them much pre-pregnancy though, hopefully we will get some cooler jeans weather here soon.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. You look adorable! The cardigan lays just right and the jeans are flattering. Nicely done. :)

  8. I am so into anything 70's right now, including flared jeans! I love the way this outfit came together. Hope things are going well for you and the fam!

    ♥ perfectly Priya


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