Feb 1, 2016

Baby First Year Favorites

Now that my kid is a year old (!!!!!) I thought I would share my favorite "baby things" in case you have a baby, you have one the way, or you just think about baby stuff a lot. I had originally planned on a "newborn favorites" post and then a "3-9 month favorites post" and so on and so on, BUT since I am a slacker, I'm covering the whole year. And honestly, this is better. Because you really don't NEED that much stuff. So I figured I'd share my favorite stuff I used over the past year; stuff that you wouldn't necessarily think of off-hand (aka you need diapers and wipes but I'm not going to mention that crap crap-holders).

First off, I love Lucy's List as a guide to registries - the writer, Meg, is hilarious and tells it like it is. After Piglet was born I would get weekly emails that were always perfectly timed with really great information. I have sent her pumping-at-work article to a lot of people. If you haven't signed up for her newsletter; do it. You won't be disappointed.

In the beginning... there is poop everywhere. There just is. I got a super-cute cotton changing pad cover on Etsy and I was getting so annoyed with how often I had to change it. Enter these changing pad liners. They just offer a little bit of coverage, look nice, and I can switch them out easily (they come in a 3 pack).

My son was a pretty great newborn - a good sleeper, not a crier. BUT, he had his moments of screaming and I had no idea what the heck was wrong with him. It was kind of awful now that I think about it. I occasionally gave him these gas drops which seemed to help settle his stomach and calm him down.

I could probably write an entire post on baby sleep, so let me know if that is of interest to you. I read
The baby whisperer before Piglet was born and I was so thankful for it. It offers lots of good advice on sleeping/playing/eating etc. Piglet slept 12 hours straight at around 5 months and I think it is largely due to following a flexible schedule (that we started pretty early).

Piglet loves love loves to eat. We did Baby Led Weaning (probably another post in itself) where you skip purees, so things got messy fast. I love the Happy Healthy Parent Bib because they are easy to clean and the little open pocket means less food is wasted. They are also easy to roll up and stuff in the diaper bag. Piglet also knows he can find extra food in his pocket which is kind of hilarious.

File this one in the "not even remotely necessary" category, but I love it. The 4moms spout cover protects your little one from hitting their head on the faucet and it also tells you how cold or hot the water is and if it's appropriate for the baby. Eric and I joke that I take showers in boiling water so this has actually been really helpful for me to make sure I don't burn my baby :)

These table wraps are essentially the same thing as what you get at a restaurant, but I always like to have a few in my diaper bag just in case.

And of course the ikea highchair. It is the best. So cheap, so easy to wipe clean. Do yourself a favor and do not get one with fabric. I get grossed out every time Piglet has to sit in one. There is always food stuck in the little crevices, no matter what.

So, I'm curious... what were your favorite products for your baby's first year? It turns out I'm kind of a sucker for new baby products so I love hearing what other people love! 


  1. A ton of my close girlfriends are pregnant and I'm planning a number of their showers so this list of favorites is such a big help. I love the bibs! XO

    A Lily Love Affair

  2. I've always wanted to try that high chair so maybe with #2. I also love that bath tub spout cover. We've never had one so I might have to add that to my current baby wish list. I loved light weight swaddle blankets, the rock & play sleeper, an activity mat for the floor, bumbo seat and Dr. Brown pacis/bottles for the first year.

  3. I found this post fun to read even though a baby is nowhere in my future! Cloth seats definitely gross me out too. I never thought to just buy a plastic one! Genius.

  4. The ikea high chair is so awesome! I keep a 2nd in the closet for company to use. Baby jogger city select is still my all time favorite baby thing. I am so happy we decided to invest in it. And my newest favorite is my covered goods nursing cover. Where was that thing with my first?

  5. i'm glad you said 'or you just think about baby stuff a lot' because hiiii. hahaha. good to know about the ikea highchair as that's the one i want - everything i've ever read says to stay away from fabric for sure. and i think i would need that spout cover too, i take boiling baths and showers lol.

  6. This is super helpful! I'll tuck this away for later! :)

  7. Awesome, thanks for this post! I just signed up for those emails and added a few things to my registry!

  8. I'm pretty sure I first heard about Lucie's list from your blog, and it was a huge help when I was trying to figure out what to get for Mr. Baby. I should probably read the Baby Whisperer book, although it may be too late for us!

  9. One! Crazy indeed. This is a great list - also a lover of Lucie's List over here, and totally agree on the high chair and the changing pad covers. I give those as baby gifts now - such a random little thing, but once you know how useful they are, you need to tell others :) And we still use those type of bibs. So useful.


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