Feb 24, 2016

Baby Boy Nursery

Today I am sharing the nursery.

FINALLY. After promises of sharing something (anything) about our new house, I am finally sharing ONE room with you. JUST ONE. And my kid is a year old. Sigh. I am the worst blogger. But! I'm trying, I really am.

Quick backstory: Piglet was born in December 2014 when we were still living in our old house. We made a little makeshift nursery nook in our guest room, knowing that we would move in the next 6 months. We sold our house in February 2015 and moved in May 2015 to our current home. We decided that Piglet's nursery would be our first priority since it would make his transition easier and we figured we'd be creating a "big boy" room for him soon enough and we wanted to enjoy the nursery as long as possible. Also, there are no before pictures because it was essentially the same room with ugly beige paint color :)

So. Without further ado, I give you Piglet's nursery (sources at the end of post).

I wanted to make the entrance to the room as festive as possible :) 

This wall is immediately to the right of the doorway.  

We'll eventually have to rearrange the shelves when Piglet starts hucking things off of them :) 

My husband picked out the changing table at a vintage store (originally a buffet) and added legs he bought off of ebay to make it taller. If you take everything off of the top, the side pieces fold in. It's a really awesome piece that I think we'll have for a long time. 

I love his little gallery wall. Top left is a sailboat print with his birth details, the wooden arrows are handmade by a friend, the two prints from gingiber are my husband and I's college mascots.

 This chair from ikea is soooo comfy. We have plans to make it into a rocker, but we'll see if we get around to it :) 

Piglet wanted to show off his nursery (but he forgot to wear his pants). The room is a weird shape (hard to tell in the pictures, but the door is angled strangely) making it hard to figure out what kind of rug to do. After I decided on a circular rug I had a really hard time finding anything cute. I am glad I stuck to my plans because I eventually found this rug on Amazon and I love it! 

green triangle banner: DIY
crib: wal-mart
bookshelf: made by Piglet's great-grandfather
blue rattan baskets on bookshelf: target
wall tapestry: urban outfitters
changing table: vintage buffet
sailboat print: Minted (birth announcement)
animal prints: gingiber
reindeer head: lord and taylor (similar)
changing pad cover: etsy
lamp: ikea
pom pom garland: diy
arrows: handmade by a friend
frames: ikea
diaper pail: ubbi
chair: ikea
bronze sconce: urban outfitters
woven ottoman: found in a house I lived in during college (similar)
faux sheepskin: ikea
rug: amazon
curtain tie-backs: urban outfitters (similar)
paint color: granite dust by Valspar


  1. LOVE the map tapestry! It is so fun! We have a framed world map above our Little's changing table, but this one is so dramatic! Good find!

  2. I love this! And yeah, my boy rarely wears pants at home. They are just too restrictive!

  3. So excited to see this - love getting a peek at other little boys' nurseries, and I love ones like this that are cozy and cute without being overly themey. We have a similar thing going on here - maps and animals to have a loose travel/safari kind of thing but nothing babyish. Which all is to say LOVE LOVE LOVE the map and the gallery wall you have going on. The rug is so great too! Good round ones are hard to find but I've been wanting one for our playroom so I might have to try that one - such a deal. And that chair is from Ikea? Would not have guessed! Looks great.

  4. I love how you included your college mascots! And I adore the window tie backs!

  5. That's darling! I love the map wall and all the personalized touches!

  6. What a sweet nursery! The map is such a great focal point. And I love how the wall art isn't just something that looks cute, but it has real meaning behind it. Love the circular rug- works really well for the space too!

    1. OH, and I'm super curious to hear how you make your Ikea chair a rocker...I smell a DIY post haha!

  7. It's all so cute!! You did a great job with his room!

  8. So sweet! I love how everything came together. That circle rug is perfect and circle rugs are hard to find. I adore that IKEA chair. Thanks for the tour!

  9. ooooh i love it all. i've always wanted that ikea chair, and i've read posts where people turned it into a rocker, and others who kept it as is for a nursing chair. it just looks so comfy. and that rug is so pretty!

  10. That vintage buffet / changing table is gorgeous. What a great find that will work in your home for a long time.

  11. Such a cute room! I think my favorite part may be the prints that are your college mascots...I'm such the sentimental type, but I love that it's something a little less obvious if that makes sense. Like it's special to you because you know the meaning but it wouldn't be obvious without you tell us!

  12. I love the arrows! And that map! Such a great room, and best of all, you'll be able to repurpose the buffet/changing table once Piglet is older!

  13. I love the tapestry you chose!! The nursery looks amazing <33

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com


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