Feb 26, 2016

A Day In The Life

I wrote this post waaaay back in November and somehow I forgot to publish it! Things have changed so much, but I wanted to share it so that I can eventually compare the different stages of our lives. 

Friday, November 13, 2015
(Piglet is 11 months old )

Piglet usually wakes up between 7-7:30am which I love. I am fine with anytime that is NOT in the 6's. I get him out of his crib and take him into our bed where I nurse him. I have been doing this nearly every day since he was born and it is just so wonderful. I do it because I am lazy and I know that I won't be able to do it if we have another baby someday! 

We finally get out of bed, I get him dressed and changed and start a load of laundry (I don't have a system except try to do a load on every day that I stay home). Today it is a load of Piglet's laundry. 

Breakfast! I usually make something simple and fast. Today is scrambled eggs and avocado toast. Right now Piglet will try anything and today is a win - he eats both.

After breakfast I change into work out clothes and I take Piglet and Winston on a walk. I never really did any intense post-partum exercising, but I try to go on a walk every day that is remotely nice. It's sooooo good for us all to get out and get a little vitamin D.

After we get home, I fold the laundry and then get Piglet down for his first nap of the day - he is taking two naps a day (usually lasting 45min-1hour). 

I usually use Piglet's first nap as time to get ready for the day. I need to run some errands and we are having guests over for dinner tonight so I put on something remotely decent.

Piglet is still asleep (yay!) so I get a little time to sit down with some coffee and peruse the interwebs. I can't remember what I was looking at, but my guess is reading blogs or shopping for things for our house :)

Piglet is awake and it's time for lunch. I refuse to cook/plan any meal other than dinner so we usually eat something quick like a sandwich or leftovers. Today is Amy's lentil soup with cheese, turkey and crackers for me. 

A full belly means a happy baby so we head to the store to do some quick grocery shopping. He is so much fun to run errands with... he's so social and he is constantly laughing and interacting with strangers. He can't walk yet so he's pretty content to sit in the grocery cart as well. Occasionally I'll hand him some random item off of a shelf to occupy him for a few minutes. 

Piglet tortures plays with Winston for a few minutes once we get home to give me time to put the groceries away. The two of them get along okay... Piglet thinks he's amazing and Winston thinks he is a good source of human food. 

Piglet takes a quick afternoon nap (45min-ish) while I try to prep for dinner tonight. I make cookies, and start the Chicken Marsala dish I'm making. Usually I make something easy so I don't have to prep too far in advance, but it's nice to get a little fancy for our guests! Piglet is getting close to going down to one nap a day (which is sooooo early to do that, but he's always dropped his naps early, unfortunately).

Piglet wakes up and it's time to nurse! Nursing has always been pretty good for us, but when we dropped to four nursing sessions a day (around 9 months) it so much easier and better. I dropped to three sessions a day around 11 months and I feel like I could do that for a long time. 

Eric is home! He usually gets home around 6pm, but he's here a little early to help me get prepped for dinner. He plays with Piglet and chops veggies for the salad.

My cousin and her husband are here for dinner! It's their first time seeing the new house so we take a tour and have a yummy dinner. Guests that don't have kids are always nice because they can stay later :) I nurse Piglet around 7:45 and put him to bed while Eric entertains everyone. Usually Eric does bedtime, but I offered tonight since I was planning on going back to the nursery to nurse him anyway.

Adult time, yay! We eat those pumpkin cookies I was working on earlier and have some hilarious conversations with our friends. It hits me how much I love the new house and how much better it is for entertaining than our old one.

Our guests head home and then Eric and I head to bed. I usually read for about 30 minutes or so. Sometimes a magazine (tonight), sometimes a novel. On weeknights I try (try being the most important word here) to turn out the light at 10:30pm but since tonight is Friday it doesn't go out until 11:15pm.


I know what you're thinking - I live a crazy life. Just kidding. I love this stage so much. The newborn baby stage is so hard, but once Piglet slept through the night and had a somewhat predictable routine, it was so much better. I love staying home with him most days - it is such a blessing to watch him grow and change every day!


  1. So fun! Our little is just over 5 months and I am loving watching him grow and learn everyday! It is certainly not easy - but it is fun to work on routines (kind of) and to have days where you feel like you're in the swing of things!

  2. I LOVE reading these - probably time for me to do another, because with all my baby book-making fail, having a few of these recorded on my blog is such a great way to keep track of different stages. I actually just read back through mine the other day. This 11 month stage had so many fun things, and also my very favorite part was "I refuse to cook/plan any meal other than dinner". TRUTH.

  3. This was such a fun post to read! Piglet is growing up so fast! It sounds like you two have some special bonding moments and have a routine that seems to work. I'm glad you're loving your mommy life!

  4. mmmm avo on toast and scrambled eggs looks amazing. i love reading posts like these, i don't think they are boring at all.

  5. What a fun glimpse into your life! Side Question: I'm assuming all these photos were taken with your phone? How do you upload them? I have tried to find tutorials online, but all of them are overly complicated or don't actually give advice. Thanks!


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