Jan 13, 2016

Style: Errand Running Mom Outfit

shirt: old navy // vest: old navy // jeans: old navy //
boots: naturalizer (similar)  // hat: target (similar)
My first outfit post of 2016! What we've all been waiting for!
This is definitely a "mom outfit," meaning I wore it on a day that I was home with Piglet. Well, not like a "I didn't leave the house today mom outfit". More of a "I ran to the grocery store and chick-fil-a type of mom outfit". There is a difference, for sure. The other type of outfit will never make the blog. You can use your imagination. Picture an enormous t-shirt and faded leggings. And fuzzy socks. Glory.
I mentioned it in my last post, but Eric and I are talking about a beach vacation for this year. We normally get totally into vacation planning, but for whatever reason we just cannot figure out where we want to go. So, I need your help! What is your favorite beach location? Give me some ideas, people.


  1. I love this outfit....definitely one of my go-tos as well for going out with the boys. And speaking of boys...how has your little baby gotten so big?!?!? Where have been some of your favorite vacation spots so far?

  2. I'm partial to South Florida, where I grew up. I'd recommend Fort Lauderdale...it's an eclectic beach community on the Southeast coast (there's also the intercoastal), but it's also an hour drive from Miami (totally glam) and less than 2 hours from Naples, which is on the Gulf Coast and a totally different vibe. Oh and lots of good food!


  3. I know it's a hike for you, but the Outer Banks in North Carolina is where my family always goes. My favorite thing about it is that it's QUIET. It's so uncrowded compared to other beaches! There are a ton of water sports (surfing, stand up paddle boarding, boating on the bay side), historical sites (Hatteras Lighthouse, Museum of the Atlantic if you are into shipwrecks, tons of pirate lore for Blackbeard fans), and if you go to some of the more northern beaches (Southern Shores, Duck, Corolla) there are little towns with art shops, coffee shops, and restaurants. The southern beaches (Avon, Hatteras, Buxton) are much more remote with fewer activities, but great to spend the day by the water.

  4. ahhh i wish i had suggestions but i have none, so have fun beach vacation planning!
    i totally rock the other outfit - tshirt, leggings + fuzzy socks way more than i should. no shame. this type of outfit is definitely cute as well!

  5. I had to laugh when I pulled up your page and saw that your wearing the same style hat as me! I end up wearing mine all day long and find the pom pom grows heavier by the hour. As always, I love it.

  6. My all time favorite beach is on Coronado Island, in California. But basically anywhere in San Diego is gorgeous. You look so cute!

  7. Girl, I totally rock this look all the time! It's easy and cute and practical! :) I also rock the sweats and giant teeshirt look, but like you said - it's not exactly something to write home about, haha!

    Destin is my FAV. We've been to a lot of beaches in the States (east coast, west cost, and down south) and Destin, Florida has the prettiest water and the best sand. Plus there is great food there which is a bonus for this girl. ;)

  8. I really like Hilton Head, but I have only been there in December when it is too cold to be in the water. But it's beautiful! I can't say I have been to many other beaches, but Michigan has some great ones, too. Also, two thumbs up for this outfit. I might have to steal it for one of my grocery store/chic fil a runs :)

  9. Your outfit looks so cozy and your little man is one of the cutest babies I've ever seen!
    Every year my girlfriends and I go to Grayton Beach, FL. It's beautiful and quirky!

    Alysia Ave

  10. What a classic outfit. I love the casual boots!


  11. Very cute outfit! And I'm with you one the "don't leave the house" mom outfits. Pajamas all day!!!

    I wish we could do a beach vacation this year! We tried to do one every year before mr baby arrived. Our favorite thing to do was cruises, because then you get to experience different beaches each day. It really depends on what you like. John loves to snorkel. I love to play in big waves and then spend most of the time reading on the lounger. Other than cruises, I loved Puerto Rico (we stayed in San Juan for a couple extra days before a cruise and I want to go back and spend more time there, and go to other parts of the island). And I will second ft lauderdale, we also stayed there a couple days before a cruise and really liked the beach there. We stayed at a hotel called Aqua which wasnt super fancy but it was a block from th beach and had a little kitchenette do we could have made our own meals if we wanted. We've talked about going back there as a family vacation. I hope you figure out something awesome!!

  12. Add in a flannel and this is my exact outfit today! :D I am begging Josh for a beach vacation this year too. Maybe renting a beach house in Florida?!

  13. This is perfect mom style! Totally practical but not frumpy or boring. I love the mix of textures and patterns. And the addition of the stripey mini me! Too cute.

    Are you doing a US beach vacation? We're big fans of Caribbean all-inclusives (Sandals are the best ones we've been to), but in Florida a favorite is the Rosemary Beach area. There's a really cute little area with shops and restaurants to walk around, and there are lots of great houses/condos to rent, which I think is a great way to go if you're traveling with a kiddo.

  14. This is a perfect outfit regardless of whether you're a mom or not! Comfy, practical, and warm. Piglet has gotten so big!


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