Dec 8, 2015

Style: Green, Leather & The Target Dollar Bin

dress: lurap c/o // jacket: gifted (similar) // booties: sam edelman

We celebrated Piglet's first birthday over the weekend. I know. How is he one? The past year has just flown by. Everyone tells you that it does and they are right. I have so many thoughts about the first year of parenthood that it's definitely hard to sum up in a few short sentences. Let's just say that it has been wonderful :) His party was great - we threw a laid-back family affair with lots of chili, homemade cake and decor from the Target dollar bin (it draws me in every time). 

On to the outfit... If you've read my blog for a while than you know that I have an obsession with green. When lurap asked me to try a custom item of clothing, I almost said no, but then I found this dress and I couldn't resist. I've already worn it way too many times. I tried to winterize (why is winterize a word and not "fallerzie?") with a leather jacket and leather booties (which were my early christmas present. That I picked out. Whoops). Anyway, I really like the dress and I'm sure it will make an appearance on the blog again soon! 


  1. I just visited the Lurap site for the first time and I love the concept behind it. The reasoning for their name is super cute, too. You picked out such a fun dress!

  2. That dress is adorable on you! Love the shade of green! I need to go visit Lurap!

  3. Wow! A year. Happy birthday to the little guy. And yes, green is your color

  4. ONE???? i remember when he was just born!! love the green dress!

  5. Love this look! Moto jacket + dress is my new favorite thing. I'm calling it the cool big sister version of my other favorite, denim jacket + dress. Also excellent choice on the early Christmas gift - I've been eyeing that exact pair myself. Are they comfy?

    And the big ONE! Happy mom-iversary to you :)

  6. FYI, You look fantastic in green! You have a right to be obsessed with it!
    Happy birthday to your little man :-)

    Alysia Ave


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