Nov 11, 2015

Style: A hat and some stripes

dress: h&m // jacket: target (similar) // hat: walmart (similar cheap option) //
necklaces: f21 (similar) // booties: steve madden (similar) //
watch: fossil // bracelets: h&m (similar)
Guys... I'm wearing a hat! It has only happened one other time on the blog. That other hat cost $1. This one was $10. So I guess you could say I am getting a little crazy in the hat department :) I found this one at Walmart (!) for ten bucks and I decided to give it a shot. I loooooove the felt hat style that is going on this fall, and I decided to give it a (cheap) try. I'm still not 100% in love with the way that hats look on me, but it was fun feeling all fancy for a day.

Also, have I mentioned that OKC finally got an h&m? We are moving out of the dark ages and it's wonderful. Well, not wonderful for my wallet. I picked up a few things recently including this dress which I can't stop wearing. It can be casual or dressy and it is a great length for a tall girl.

And in other news, it's the middle of November!? I have lots of "life update" blog posts in my queue right now, but time keeps flying by and I feel like the year is almost over and somehow I haven't really shared anything about what a great/hard year it has been. 2015, how is this the end!?


  1. Lucky that you got an H&M. Iowa is still living in the dark ages! You look great in your hat!

  2. You look fantastic in this hat! I wish we would get an H&M a little closer to home!

  3. I see everyone wearing these hats and think they are adorable- not sure I could pull them off. I don't wear hats much, so I have a hard time spending money on them. I think you look great! Definitely fancy. In the last two years we've finally gotten h&m in Nashville! I'm actually thinking I'll go by one today after work :) hope you are having an awesome week!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  4. We finally got an H&M this year too! I bought two shirts there a couple of weeks ago and I haven't stopped wearing them since. I love them!

  5. I like the hat! I was so excited last year when we got h&m and then I've hardly shopped there. I think I have better luck when it's a special event to go there and I really dig. Now I go in and kind of meander and leave.

  6. I love the hat on you! Kind of sassy, which is fun :) And I'm in a similar boat to Andi... I love the idea of H&M but don't really ever find stuff, I think because I don't go in with the right approach to actually digging - but I always love the gems other people manage to find, like this great dress! I can definitely see wearing that one a ton.

  7. When we finally got an H&M within driving distance, I thought my wallet would cry. But surprisingly, I feel like it's not the H&M products I have found myself fawning over in the past. I do the same as Andi: "Go in and kind of meander and leave".

  8. This is such a great H&M find! Yay for getting one in your town! This whole outfit is adorable and you just look so genuinely happy!

  9. The hat looks great, complementing that adorable outfit. Well done! I could definitely use a new style of hat in my personal wardrobe. You've inspired me to check, as I wouldn't have thought to look at Wal-Mart. Thanks!


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