Nov 30, 2015

Style: Cobalt Pants & Ice Storms

blouse: f21 (similar) // pants: target (similar) // earrings: kendra scott
booties: sam edelman // watch: fossil // bracelets: h&m (similar)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hoooowww is it already the holiday season? We set up our Christmas décor on Friday and I'm kind of in shock that it's the last day of November. My baby turns 1 THIS week. Um, what!?

Oklahoma also had it's first batch of cold weather this weekend... an ice storm, of course. We are actually going on day three of no power. I'm currently holed up at my parents house and let's just say... I haven't showered in a while. On Saturday night, we pulled our mattress in front of the fire and slept great (Piglet slept at my parents house), but unfortunately having to crash at people's houses gets kind of old after a while.

And, clothes! Yes, I am wearing them. Yes, I will talk about that too. These cobalt pants continue to be one of my best purchases ever. See other ways I've worn them. Seriously, these are one of my best work purchases. The cobalt goes with everything (including black, apparently) and they are such an easy style to wear. If you don't have cobalt dress pants, you need some. There is my PSA for the day.


  1. Brrrr stay warm! Those pants are fabulous!

  2. Yikes! I hope you get power back soon! :(

  3. How unfortunate to be out of power! Last winter, our heat went out. We brought the mattress out in front of the fire place, too! At least you have friends that you can rely on-- that's surely something to be thankful for!

  4. I love the blue pants and am so sorry about the loss in power. But you still look great! Our air went out a few weeks ago - it was in the humid mid-80s - so a completely different kind of miserable. Stay warm!

  5. Oh no! 3 days without power in the winter is no bueno! Smart thinking with the mattress though! It's romantic in a way right?

  6. Oh no hope that you get power back soon! It's great you had your parents house to go to for some warmth in the meantime, especially with a baby.

    Happy birthday to your son too, well done on getting through the tough first year! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. I need that shirt in my life! You pull off those pants so well! I'm kind of afraid of bold color pants, I feel like they're saying "Hey look at my thighs!" Which is not something I want to bring attention to! Ha.

    Ice storms are the worst! GA had one the year my family moved from South Florida. We were all very shocked and worried that winters in GA were always like that! Praying some sunshine comes your way!

    Alysia Ave


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