Oct 28, 2015

Style: Boring Clothes for a Birthday Party

shirt: jcrew // jeans: jcp (similar) // booties: franco sarto (similar
// watch: fossil // bracelets: h&m (similar) // earrings: ks
This outfit is totally boring. I don't really have much to say about it. I liked it and I felt decent in it (isn't that all you can ask of an outfit?) but looking at these pictures is kind of a snooze. So, I'll tell  you about where I wore it. I wore it to a child's birthday party. Because I go to children's birthday parties now. I mean, when did that happen? The only parties I go to these days are child birthday parties, baby showers and the occasional 30th birthday party. Gah, when did I get old? Was it when I got my first gray hair? Was it when I had a baby? When I turned 27?
Okay, okay I'm know I'm not old. But there is just something about going to a four year old birthday party that makes you feel like an old lady.


  1. It's not a boring outfit at all! I really like the accessories you added to it!

  2. Your outfit is really cute and you look adorable!

  3. Your outfit is really cute and you look adorable!

  4. oh wow, 4? yeah, the oldest birthday party i've gone to is 2. haha. it's a super cute outfit though, not boring at all and totally appropriate for a kid's party.

  5. This outfit is SO not boring! I wear something similar a lot! Those boots are gorgeous by the way and loving all the "arm candy!"

  6. Since I became a mommy especially, I have gone to more birthday parties than I can count with both of my hands. I actually love this simple look because you jazzed it up with beautiful jewelry. That lavender shirt is real nice. =)

  7. I've got a one-year-old's birthday party in my plans this weekend! It makes me feel really old, indeed. This button-up is such a great color!

    ♥ perfectly Priya


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