Sep 21, 2015

Summer 2015

I didn't mean to take this long of a blogging break. Isn't that just what everyone says? I knew a little break would be nice, but I honestly didn't know how nice. Fortunately, I've never gotten too caught up in trying to grow my blog or have the coolest outfits or anything, but it was still nice to have a chance to re-think this whole thing. I still love blogging - I love that it forces me to take nice pictures and to share what is going on in my life. I still plan on doing it, just probably at a much slower pace (my pace was already slow so we'll see how that goes).

I thought I would start my return to blogging with a little re-cap of summer. So, three months in one blog post. Whew.

Okay, let's see.

I celebrated my first mother's day! I want to write a full post on my motherhood soon, so I won't do that here, but it was a really fun day and I felt very loved. Also, Piglet is wearing a full-on chambray outfit here. That just needs to be acknowledged.

I did the flowers for my cousin's wedding, which was so so much fun! If you're in the OKC area, I'll let you hire me :) Thanks to my cousin, mom and aunt for their help!

We took a little weekend trip with Eric's family to Branson, MO. I've talked about Branson before, but if you haven't been before… it's hilarious. And fun. Piglet had a great time with his cousins and we even got a night of roller coaster rides thanks to babysitting grandparents.

OKC got a Top Golf! We are moving up in the world, apparently. We got to go to the opening and enjoyed an awesome free date. I loooooooove free stuff. Also, you can probably tell, but I'm not good at golf.

We also went to Michigan! I have no idea if I have any readers from Northern Michigan, but if you are from there… well, it's so gorgeous! I had no idea. It was such a great trip. My grandma's family had a reunion there, so there were about sixty of us that rented out this gorgeous b&b on Lake Michigan. We also visited Mackinaw Island, which is amazing.

I turned 29! Excuse the weird face in this picture… apparently that is how I felt about it. Actually, that probably deserves a post of its own. 

One of my closest friends from college got married. It was so wonderful to see her so happy. Love you,  Em. 

We took a quick trip to Kansas City for my cousin's wedding and then headed over to Topeka to visit one of my roomie's from college and her husband and little boy.

We spent a lot of time in my uncle's pool this summer. Of course Piglet loved it!

We also took a long weekend trip to Dallas with some friends. We take an annual trip with the same group, but this time everyone had babes so it looked a little different. But it was really fun and wonderful. So thankful for friends in the same walk of life.

So. That was the summer. It was really lovely. It was also a little crazy - we were out of town for a large part of it. Since we moved into a new house in May, we really haven't gotten much done. But, the house is really wonderful (house tour coming soon! promise! maybe!) and I think we'll be here for a long time, so we are okay with taking it slow.

I am going to write a full update on Piglet/Mom life later - I think that deserves its own post. Just know... it's going well :)

Let me know if you have any questions/missed anything! And! THANK YOU to all who emailed, texted and commented while I was away - you made me feel like I OCCASIONALLY write something worth reading and you inspired me to come back to blogging :)


  1. Such a nice surprise to find you hear this morning! It's a little embarrassing to admit that checking here is part of my morning routine, and I have been doing it out of habit, but honestly thought you had abandoned. I'm glad you decided to come back. Sounds like a great summer!

  2. What a fun summer! Welcome back to blog land!

  3. aww yay! welcome back. i have thought about you tons but didn't want to be crazy stalker lady. looks like you had a fabulous summer :)

  4. Hey Ashley! So good to see you back around here! Wow, you have had a busy and fun Summer. Looks like you haven't been home hardly at all. Looks like it's been full of adventures with your family, that is awesome. Looking forward to hearing more about life with Piglet :) really gorgeous pictures from Lake Michigan!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  5. ah! Hello! I figured you were gone forever. I'm so happy you are doing well and had such a fun summer. Piglet is such a little man, swimming in the pool! I can't believe how big he is, but I guess that makes sense!

  6. Yay! It's good to see that you've had such a wonderful summer. Your little guy is a cutie!

  7. Yes, I can personally attest to the fact that you have readers from Upper Michigan. :) It is absolutely beautiful up here and I'm so glad that you went to Mackinac! It's one of my family's favorite places. It looks like to had a full, enjoyable summer.

  8. So glad you're back to blogging and that your break from it was a lot of fun!

  9. Hurray and welcome back! Sounds like you had an absolutely fabulous summer and packed a lot of things in! Good for you!

  10. Oh yay - welcome back!!! It's so great to hear that you've had a great summer. You seem so happy in all of the photos!

    Something About That

  11. Being a mom makes life so busy! Happy you're squeezing in a post when you can...and that you're soaking up every moment with your little family! :)

  12. Has it honestly been that long? I feel like it's only been a month or so since you last posted. Thanks for sharing your summer with us. This is such a good idea for blogging breaks. I look forward to your next post! :)

  13. Glad you're back! It looks like you had an awesome summer. Piglet sure is getting big and cuter. I am from Michigan - except did you see that big bridge? Go over it north and then drive another 3 1/2 hours!

  14. Sounds like such a great summer! Especially since it included some Lake Michigan, the best body of water there is :) Your Piglet is too cute - can't get enough of baby boys in chambray myself. Hope your fall is off to a great start, and would love to see that new house tour... I need some more inspiration over here.

  15. Whoo hoo! Looks like you and your family had fun! Glad to see you back. Piglet is so expressive, he makes the cutest faces. Especially that big grin in the pool. I agree with everyone, hard to believe he's that big already! Also, 1) Your golf stance is 100x better than mine, that's for sure! 2) Your hair is looking da bomb in all these photos! Tell us your secrets!

  16. Welcome back! Sounds like you and your cute little family have been busy and having lots of fun!

  17. So glad to see you back! It looks like you and your little family had a wonderful summer :) Piglet is growing up quite nicely I see!

  18. Yay! Welcome back to blogging! :) Looks like you had a super busy, but super fun summer! Looking forward to your coming posts! :)

  19. Looks like a wonderful summer! how great you got to go out and about and do so much with your cute little baby! :)
    I was always unsure about going to far from home and doing too many things in one day when our little man was a baby - but then my grandparents visited and we went sightseeing everywhere and I wasn't so scared any more! It's nice to have those memories :) Blogged or not!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  20. I am so glad you are back. What a busy but eventful Spring and Summer you had. Congratulations on your first Mother's Day and on your last year of your twenties. And huge congrats on your new home. I love in Michigan though not in the Northern part. But anywhere near Lake Michigan is gorgeous. We also went for vacation somewhere in North Michigan, in August. I think I need your t-shirt. And Mackinaw Island is gorgeous. Oh and I love Dallas - I have family there.

    So many great photos and cute outfits of both you and Piglet, but of course I like his all-chambray outfit the best. Looking forward to all of your posts and especially the home tour!

    Cheers <3 Ada.


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