Apr 13, 2015

Style: Green Heels & Gold Necklaces

blouse: f21 (similar) // jeans: target // heels: dsw (similar)
// necklace: wal-mart (similar

I wore this outfit to my cousin's wedding shower - it was a Friday night casual sort of thing. Is it bad that I just created the outfit around the green heels? I hardly ever wear heels and for some reason I just needed to feel like the sort of person who isn't embarrassed to be taller than nearly every man in the room (I'm 5'10" so most heels put me at 6ft). It probably helps that my husband was there and he is always taller than me, heels or not. 

Oh and I have been wearing this necklace non-stop. I still can't believe I found it for $5 at wal-mart. I mean, crazy. When I factor in the fact that I have been to walk-mart one time in the last 10 months, well it seems I have seriously good luck. 

Happy Monday, friends. I hope your day is less dreary than ours - I have a cold, it hasn't stopped raining and poor Piglet got lots of shots today :(

Let it Shine via Still Being Molly and Lipgloss and Crayons

Manic Monday with   More Pieces of Me and On the Daily Express


  1. I don't want it to be wrong to plan an entire outfit around heels because I would be in jail because I do this all the time!
    The Adored Life

  2. Awww. I hope lil guy feels better soon. To me, it's easier to start with the shoes than build the outfit and try to find shoes for it. That's the painful part.

  3. Sometimes you just want to wear heels! These are definitely the sort to plan an outfit around. I love that button up and of course the necklace!

  4. If I had an opportunity to wear heels (somewhere other than school), I would definitely do it. Is this the blouse you wore under your grey fleece dress? It's proving to be so versatile!

  5. Those green heels are fabulous and definitely something to outfit plan around! What a great find on that necklace!

    Doused In Pink

  6. Embrace being a tall glamazon!

  7. I got that same necklace for $5 at Wal-mart too and have worn it maybe 4 times on the blog already, definitely a favorite and I normally don't like Wal-mart, but I think I saw it on you before and had to have it. So thanks for being my inspiration!
    Rachel xo

    Garay Treasures

  8. You found that necklace at Wal-Mart?? It looks much more expensive than that! I have a few necklaces and earrings from Wal-Mart that are surprisingly well made--I guess I shouldn't be surprised! I just knot one of my long gold necklaces for the same effect haha

  9. Love that shirt! And that necklace?? $5 can't be beat.


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