Apr 22, 2015

Reviews: Express Portofino Blouse & Old Navy Pixie Pants

blouse: express portofino // pants: old navy pixie  // jacket: target (similar)
// necklace: wal-mart (similar) // shoes: anne taylor (similar)

I hardly ever write clothing reviews, but I realize that this outfit contains a couple of pieces that I wondered about before I purchased them, so I thought I'd share my experience!

First, the Express Portofino Blouse. A few of my blog friends LOVE these blouses, so when I recently saw them on super-sale, I bought two (this one and a mint color). The blouse is really great - I can see why it is rated 5-stars after over 2000 reviews(!). They are simple and go with everything - such a great work shirt. the material is really nice and stays relatively wrinkle free. Plus, there are SO many patterns and colors to choose from. I will definitely getting more. Downside: they do not come in tall which I find sooooo annoying. I have a really long torso and I feel like the length is just about inch short for me. Also, you do have to wear a tank underneath, which isn't a huge deal, but something to be aware of.

Next, the Old Navy Pixie Pants. I actually already have black cigarette pants (see them here and here) but... they don't fit (story of my post-baby life). I'm fully convinced they will fit again, but since I started back at work, I knew I needed black pants because they are so easy to wear. My current pair is from Banana Republic, but I didn't want to spend much money on a (hopefully) temporary pair so I got these for $25 at Old Navy. I actually really like them. I prefer to wear dress pants that have a thicker material because I have some curves (like most people) and I need a little support. The only thing I dislike about these pants is the way lint clings to them. It's crazy! My dog hardly sheds at all, but when I wear these pants I'm covered in his fur. I keep a lint roller in my car, but stillllll.

Have you ever tried the Express Portofino Shirts or Old Nacy Pixie Pants? Thoughts?

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  1. ahhh I really super appreciate it because I have been debating these two things for a long time.
    i tried on the ankle pixie pants and though i liked them with 3 cats (one is white who sheds like it's her job) i can't wear pants that attract lint like that! the porotfino is sad because i want to love it but if it's too short for you it's definitely going to be too short for me! i have had great luck with loft's tall shirts - i wait till they go on super sale though.

  2. Love the portofino shirts! They're so comfortable that they make it an easy option for looking professional.

  3. Ooo... I need to get a pair of those pants!!!

  4. That necklace is adorable little accessory! Also the lightening in these photos is gorg!!

  5. I need better button downs for my chest area so I should really check this style of shirt out!

    The Adored Life

  6. I haven't tried either of these, but I have noticed my black jeans from Old Navy are also lint traps. But not all with my black 'pixie-esk' pants from the gap. Must just be weave of the material?

    Chic on the Cheap

  7. Honestly I've tried both. I love how the portofino blouses look on other bloggers. I mean, that color is gorgeous on you! I just wish you didn't have to wear a tank underneath. I haven't noticed the lint thing on the pixie pants, but I've only worn mine twice. I will have to keep an eye out for that. They are a nice option for a dressy pant for less though!

  8. I've tried Old Navy's Pixie pants several times now, and I just don't think we're meant to be friends. They look fantastic on you though--I'll have to live vicariously through you!
    I've always wondered about those Portofino blouses. I always love the prints and colors they come out with, but I just don't really shop at Express much. I guess I should give them a chance!

  9. These are two of my favorite things! I'll admit that I have quite a few portofino shirts, and the only thing that is slightly annoying is the tank thing, but it's really not a big deal.

  10. I haven't tried either but have never been a fan of Old Navy pants - they always have a short rise I feel like. You look so cute in that color of blouse and that tassel necklace is from Wal-Mart? CUTE!

    Happy Medley

  11. I own 2 long-sleeve and 2 sleeveless versions of the Portofino from a long while and love them but yeah I mostly wear them with a tank, too. I need more when they are on sale though. I would like a couple more solid-colored ones and 2-3 patterned ones. I did try the Pixie Pants a couple of weeks ago and I probably needed a smaller size but the ones I tried I didn't like on me, at all.

    You look great in your new pieces. Enjoy them! Enjoy the new house and new part-time position, too. Good luck with packing!

  12. Love that blouse! I had one kind of like it but it got put in the dryer and shrunk into weird proportions. :(

  13. Love the portofino blouse, and the color is so pretty.
    Rachel xo

    Garay Treasures

  14. I am so happy to see you style your pixie pants with this top! I have heard so many great things about this top! They are BOGO 50% off today! I think I may pick up a couple! Susan

  15. I keep hearing great things about this top as well - since I'd love to add some more tops to my work wardrobe, I think I'm going to see if the Portofino blouse works for me! :) And I am a huge fan of the Pixie pants! They're my go-to work pants when it's not cold outside - I have several pairs of them, and they are SO comfortable!! I'm really glad you like yours, as well!


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