Feb 2, 2015

Where My Dolla Bills Went - December 2014 & January 2015

It has been quite a while since I have done one of these posts! I planned on doing them with my maternity purchases, but I just fell behind. Anyway, my goal is to be as transparent as possible about what I buy, clothing-wise, so I am bringing it back!

1.b&w stripe shirt ($25) I was looking for some shirts that would be good for nursing and this one fit the bill. Plus, I was able to purchase it in a "tall" size (I have a freakishly long torso). I really enjoyed the similar maternity version I picked up, so I am excited about this top.

2.  This sweatshirt tank dress is really wonderful. I have seen a few bloggers wear it and I had been eying it... then I found it on sale for $14 and sold in "tall..." Well, it was an easy purchase. It's crap for nursing (my justification for buying anything new this month), but it will be great down the road.

3. You all saw this leather trimmed cardigan on the blog already ($24.97) which goes to show how much I love it. I already have a ton of cardigans, but I love that this one seems like a light jacket.

4. marled turtleneck sweater  ($19.99)  So I totally fell in love with this when I saw Caroline wearing it. And then F21 was having a buy one get one free sale, so.... I bought it. And I love it. It's quite cozy. 

5. Remember when I wore this outfit? Well that button tunic (similar) from F21 turned out to be a great postpartum shirt. It's loose and long, and the buttons are great for nursing. I bought a black one and a maroon one (not pictured) during the F21 BOGO sale. Two shirts for $13.99!

6. Haha, this b&w tank from Old Navy was $3... and helped me to qualify for free shipping :)

7. I really love this fair isle sweater. It fits well (because I found it in "tall") and the colors are different than anything else I own. $17.97

8. I've been meaning to mention these high waist jeans I picked up at Target last month. They have actually been worn in all of the outfits I've posted this month because, well, they are the only jeans that fit. Someone gave me the advice to buy a new pair of jeans postpartum so that you don't stress about your old pairs that don't fit. I'm glad I took the advice, because I would probably be running around pant-less if I hadn't. I spent $29.99 - again, totally worth it.

9. I thought this navy tunic ($14) buttoned and would be good for nursing. It doesn't button (it was purchased online), but I think it will be a good work shirt so I decided to keep it. 

10. Who spends $27.99 on sweatshirt? Turns out I do. I bought this back in December to wear at home and I think it has paid for itself 3 times over in cost per wear (I wore it in this post). I looooove it. I wear it when I'm at home over nursing tanks and it's great over leggings (it's tunic length). It also has a glove-y thing (I don't really know how to describe it... you wear it over your hands and your thumb pokes through) and it's super soft and comes in lots of great colors. Highly recommended.

11.  I got this plaid blouse for free in the F21 BOGO sale and it's quite nice. The sleeves have a bell shape that I don't love, but when rolled it looks decent. It's also (surprise!) a good nursing shirt which is a win for me.

Total: $190.90
Definitely a lot more than I usually spend, but it was over the course of two months and I just had a baby for Pete's sake. Okay, I promise I won't keep using that excuse. 

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  1. A BOGO sale at F21 would get me too, and I don't even have an acceptable reason to buy new stuff haha. That turtleneck sweater looks so cozy!

  2. A BOGO sale at F21 would get me too, and I don't even have an acceptable reason to buy new stuff haha. That turtleneck sweater looks so cozy!

  3. That sweater looks so cozy, and for $20, + BOGO, how could you not?
    Chic on the Cheap

  4. i think you can use that excuse as long as you like!
    i rarely buy tops in the 'tall' department but lately it's really been annoying me that i have to wear a long cami under everything because otherwise skin shows and I hate that! so i have been looking for longer tops as well. i think you got some pretty great stuff :)

  5. Why wouldn't you take advantage of a BOGO sale?? You got some really cute things and I agree with everyone, that sweater looks super cozy!

  6. $200 for two months isn't that ridiculous. And you just had a baby ;)

    PS we are dress twins. we should do a collaboration sometime and feature different ways we wear our grey dress!

  7. You got some great staples for that $200! That sweater does look so cozy! Love the fair isle sweater too!

    Doused In Pink

  8. Dress #2 is the greatest dress ever! I am wearing it now. If you don't mind completely undressing your top half it will be fine for nursing lol j/k. I totally bought a simliar non nursing friendly dress postpartum just because I couldn't live without it :)

  9. Hey, having a baby can be used for any excuse! That is no easy task!

    That grey cowlneck sweater looks insanely cozy! That along with that lovely tunic sweatshirt makes me want to stay in bed all day where I'm warm!

  10. You bought pieces that you can totally wear now and then later. I love both sweaters- I think I am loving sweaters right now because it's freezing outside!

  11. You really kept a lot of things in mind when buying your pieces. You can't help but go on a spending spree after pregnancy. Everything changes and you need to think how you can undo and access things easily! That and when you get back to your size some of your closet can feel outdated (at least mine did). That sweatshirt looks so comfy! Love your striped button up and turtleneck sweater, too!

  12. It seems like a big number, but at least you got a lot of different items!! It seems like a great variety of pieces and if you're already loving one of the splurge-worthy items, sounds like a good buy.

    And you had a baby!! Sheesh, you deserve it!

    Something About That

  13. You did so so good. 12 items for less than 200 bucks. I love 1 through 4 but my absolute favorite is that fair isle sweater. So lush and pretty.


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