Feb 11, 2015

Style: Valentines Day & Wal-Mart

shirt: f21 // jeans: target // booties: dolce vita (similar) // necklace: walmart (so similar - on sale!)

I had "good blogger" intentions of posting something Valentines inspired this week. I'll probably end up wearing something red or at least this shirt with hearts all over it on Saturday, but unfortunately I'm way too lazy to take pictures beforehand and talk about it on the blog. Just getting that out there.

Eric and I have an ongoing Valentines tradition of eating in - we go to the store (usually Sprouts or Whole Foods) and buy a bunch of nice food that we would never buy (think steak, crab cakes, etc) and cook it together. We usually enjoy a glass of wine and a movie at the same time. It's totallycrazyandwild as you can imagine. This year we actually walked to the grocery store (because it was 70-freaking-degrees outside) and Piglet joined us on our adventure. The whole thing took nearly double the time (I'm learning that everything with a newborn does) but it was really wonderful.

Also worth mentioning - I went to Wal-Mart recently. I haven't been in a looooong time and I do wish I had a #peopleofwalmart picture to show you, but I randomly walked past the jewelry aisle and saw the necklace I'm wearing for $5. I decided that it was my reward for braving the store on a Thursday evening. Treat Yo Self, am I right?

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  1. Walmart has surprisingly good jewelry! Hope you have a great Valentine's Day!

  2. Love that blouse! How would you say the sizing runs compared to other places? Like the loft or gap sizes? Thanks!

  3. I love finding inexpensive gems in hidden places! This is a great option at Walmart. I'll definitely have to take a look! XO

  4. That sounds like sweet Valentine's day plans! Even sweeter that you have 2 Valentines this year. I'm with you on not pre-planning outfit photos for the blog. I say just show us your outfit next week and we'll all be happy still. :) I really like the colors in this plaid shirt, and I'm totally looking for that necklace at my Walmart. I have one similar but the color is all messed up.

  5. What? That necklace came from Walmart? That's crazy talk. Sometimes I go in there if I'm out of the right combination of things like half and half, blush, and wall spackle, but otherwise I don't like to venture into the wal-mart vortex. It's crazy pants up in there all the time.

  6. Okay, so I need you to have another baby ASAP so we can call it Pooh. Please?! ... you might need to have twins though so we can get a Tigger in there as well. Seriously, though.

  7. Love your outfit! That shirt is so cute. And my husband and I are also big fans of staying in and having a relaxing evening on Valentine's Day.

  8. Such a cute outfit!! That necklace is really cute…I almost never check out the clothes or jewelry at Wal-Mart (mostly because the clothes usually fit me really weird), but I'll for sure have to take a look at the jewelry section now!

  9. I'm so amazed by the cute things people find at Walmart! And $5 is such a good price! I think I'll need to check out the jewelry next time I'm there :)

  10. You look SO pretty in plaid! Love your wavy hair, too. :) Your Valentine's Day tradition sounds so nice. I like low-key evenings like that. I hope you enjoy your time together with your new bundle of joy.

    xo Always, Abby

  11. Great Valentine's tradition. Everything takes much longer with a little one. I am loving your shirt and new necklace. =)

  12. i love this casual look on you and I honestly love our date nights in more than going out sometimes!

    C's Evolution of Style

  13. The Walmart by us is surprisingly tame, but I love that because it also means good parking all the time! Hurray! Your tradition sounds exactly like our tradition. It's a good thing! Time together is more important than time together in a specific place spending a certain amount. Love your new necklace!

  14. I love this look and your Valentine's Day tradition sounds a lot like ours. Low-key is the best, in my humble opinion! Also... I'm seriously jealous of your warm weather!! Could you please send it toward the Northeast?? ;)

  15. Happy Valentine's! My husband and I are planning to forego celebrating on the 14th, and instead go get burgers this week (veggie burger for me!). Once upon a time when I was in undergrad, he came to visit me over Valentine's, and we went to this Italian restaurant and their waiting list was like, two hours long, so we walked down the street and got burgers instead. It was a lot of fun, so I wanted to re-create that this year. :)

    1. (Oh, hey, you're in Oklahoma. That burger place I went to in college was Service Station in Norman. I don't know where in OK you are, but that place is UHMAZING. Like, I would re-consider vegetarianism if I had the chance to eat there again.)

  16. It sounds like we'll spend Valentine's Day in pretty much the same way this year (minus the newborn, of course). We'll go to Whole Foods, make dinner, and drink wine :)
    I actually check out the jewelry section at Wal-Mart quite often! I almost bought that necklace a few weeks ago, but now it's sold out!

  17. We spend Valentine's Day in too! I think it's more relaxing than going out. Great find on that necklace! It's really cute!

    Doused In Pink

  18. what a steal!!! love that necklace. and shoot, this whole outfit!!

  19. We have the same plans!! Much better than trying to fight the rest of the world for dinner reservations!
    I love that top and necklace combo, very effortless chic!

    Alysia Ave

  20. I really, really like that tradition! I have never been a fan of eating out on such a crowded day!

  21. Adorable necklace Ashley. Normally I think of Wal-mart jewelry/accessories/clothes as cheap looking but heck for $5 or less that works for me, great score as it looks so nice on you. Glad you guys enjoyed your weather and walk there to. Happy Valentines day!
    Rachel xo
    Garay Treasures

  22. Love the necklace, your Valentine's date tradition (I mean, who wants to sit and wait for 2 hours at a restaurant, when you can WALK - I'm so jealous - to a whole foods or sprouts!?), and your wonderful sense of humor. As always blog looks great.

  23. Love your Valentine's Day tradition... Enjoy!! I also love your hair color. Is it natural or do you color??

  24. Hehe. Wild and crazy. For a moment, J and I almost planned to go out and do something grand but then we remembered money and netflix, so there's that. Here's to another year of frozen pizza and falling asleep early before waking up in a panic remembering that I was supposed to make a grocery list!

    So, yeah, 1) love the necklace! Worth the money. and 2) Call your little cute boy Piglet forever.



  25. Your v-day tradition sounds so sweet! Something low key to look forward to and enjoy with your husband. I'm sure everything takes longer with a baby too! Haha oh gosh, Wal-Mart. Since moving out of my bf's parents place, we've been shopping at Wal-Mart to save as much as possible. I still hate going in there even though we save about half our grocery money that way. I feel so privileged when I go in there! Haha but I too love their jewelry. I have several necklaces and earrings I wear a ton. Rock your much deserved necklace girl!

  26. I hope you guys had a good valentines day with your little peanut!! And i'm loving your Walmart necklace! :)

  27. Oh wow! That necklace was a Walmart find?! Nice! Very pretty. :)

    And I love you guys' Valentine's tradition! What a great idea. Staying in, but still splurging. :)


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