Feb 23, 2015

Style: Award Shows and Cold Weather


striped blouse: old navy // cardigan: old navy // jeans: target // 
boots: eric michael (similar) // necklace: f21 (similar

I never watch award shows. I think they are so... boring (don't judge me). I DO love movies [Does anyone not love movies? Well, besides Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect? Who else is excited about PP2? Whoa, I just went a totally different direction...]. However, I have been totally out of the movie loop since Piglet was born so I felt pretty good about the fact that I had seen two of the movies nominated for Best Picture - Boyhood (really good and surprisingly interesting) and The Grand Budapest Hotel (liked it, but I usually like all Wes Anderson films). Hopefully I'll get a chance to see the other 6 sometime in the next... well, year. Do you ever try to watch all of the movies nominated for best picture?

And this is where I should say something about what I'm wearing... I got this blouse as a replacement for a maternity version I had that I really loved. It such a classic piece - I've already worn it a lot! And the cardigan is so warm and cozy which is great because it was freeeeezing outside when I took these photos. I feel like every smile happening here is a secret grimace. 

Happy Monday, friends. 


  1. I don't get award shows. I don't get watching people pretend to like each other. It's just not for me!

  2. I don't typically like Oscar-nominated movies but I'm sure my tastes are just different. The Theory of Everything was SOOOO good! That is definitely worth watching. I've been dying to see Boyhood. Is it out on DVD yet?

  3. Get used to the lack of movie watching. I get surprised every time I see a DVD in stores and can't believe I totally missed it in theaters! I love that sweater on you! It's like a cardigan but with more structure. A hybrid between a jacket and cardigan. Genius!

  4. I don't watch awards shows, but I like to look at the red carpet fashion the next day and see what people were wearing. Although recently, I don't even know who half of the people are, so I guess I am getting old. I had to google what movies were even nominated, and I've only seen the Grand Budapest Hotel, so I guess I am not very with it! and yeah, winter needs to GET OUT!

  5. Your hair is so pretty. I like the idea of awards shows, but I mainly just like seeing the red-carpet photos the next day.

  6. I've never been a big fan of awards shows either. I mean, I love looking at the photos and seeing everyone's outfits, but I'm not into the speeches and all of that stuff. Yawn!

    Loving your outfit though. The texture of the cardigan (or is it a jacket?) looks so comfortable!

    Something About That

  7. I love your striped shirt :) You can never have too many stripes I think :)

    I don't watch the awards shows either, I find them just as boring as you! :)

    Away From The Blue

  8. Haha those are the two movies I've seen too! Yay for all the Wes Anderson love this year at the awards shows! But I don't watch the award shows, they are boring and long. I'll catch a recap of winners and acceptance speeches and some fashion slideshows after the fact but I just can't bring myself to sit through all of it.

  9. I am always totally out of the cool movie/tv scene. I do love watching the awards shows for the dresses though. This looks like the perfect winter outfit to me. Let's talk about how winter has decided to arrive in Oklahoma at the end of February. What?!

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  10. I've seen so many great classic movies, but I have such a hard time getting around to seeing current Oscar nominees! That's one of the things I want to make more of an effort to do. I like watching the Oscars just to see what is happening, but I'm not too attached to them. I like the awards that no one cares about, because I feel like the winners are always so genuine and excited, and usually really normal looking.

    Great cardigan! It looks so warm! I'm dreaming of warm clothing, because it's been SO cold here. Current temperature for my zip code is 20, feels like 11, and this is actually warmer than it was last week by a solid 10 degrees (womp womp).

  11. I LOVE award shows. :) I think it's fascinating seeing a completely different world of people interact with each other. However, I hadn't seen any of the movies. (bc of my issue with movie theatres ... hoping to conquer that one soon-ish though!) Love your outfit, as usual!

  12. I've only seen American Sniper this year. Usually I only see one or two of the nominated movies. Some year I think it would be fun to go to the AMC best feature film marathon! Although it's more than I would probably like to spend and it would be hard sitting in a theater all day... anyway I really love this outfit! This striped blouse is a perfect basic and your sweater looks so cozy!

  13. Oh I love that cardigan/coat! I've been looking for something like that all winter! I did watch the Oscars, I tell myself that I above it and I couldn't care less but the truth is I'm not above it and I care a lot! Lol at least about the clothes and jewelry! The movies that I saw that were nominated (The Imitation Game, Selma, Grand Budapest Hotel) were really good as well so I wanted to see how they did. So there you go. My confession.

    Alysia Ave

  14. I try to watch the movies, but only if I can watch them on Redbox or Netflix. I watched Boyhood and GBH but neither captured my attention. I thought Gone Girl was nominated, and I loved that one, haha. Oh and I watched Selma and thought it was fantastic and deserved more hype than 12 Years a Slave got. Oh, and I have a secret vice for the "People we lost" segments of awards shows, so I'll have the TV on just to catch that. Weird? Probably. But you know me :P

  15. I've never watched an award show before, but I totally would! I just always forget or am out doing something when they are on, haha! And yes, I am stoked about PP2!!

  16. I totally agree that award shows are kind of boring, and it seems like they are SO long these days! Ever since I became a mom my bedtime is like 10 PM now so....yeah. Hah. I love your cardigan, that knit looks so pretty cozy

    Lauren | Disco Daydream

  17. I'm loving this simple and chic look on you!!

    XO Courtney

  18. ANNA KENDRICK IS EVERYTHING! I'm so in love with her - she's my favorite actress and celebrity in general! Best compliment ever is when an old mentor of mine said that my personality is the same as Anna's. I. Died. And I'm SO pumped for PP2! May 15!!!!!

    Also, I'm so regretting not buying this cardigan when I had the chance. It's so cute on you, and I love how you've styled it!


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