Dec 17, 2014

Maternity Style: Cozy Cardigans

pants: pea in the pod // cardigan: f21 (similar) // 
chambray: gap maternity(similar) (similar non-maternity) // booties: steve madden (similar

Okay, so. I'm not actually pregnant anymore. I am a mom (!$&@). But, I found this outfit in my archives and I decided to go ahead and get it out into the internet world. This is my last maternity outfit to post, and it kind of makes me sad. It's been fun figuring out how to dress the bump and the fact that I didn't feel guilty splurging on new clothes was kind of fun. BUT, I am so glad that I can reach my toes again (my toenail polish situation was offensive to say the least) and of course, having a baby in my arms instead of my belly is pretty amazing. 

Even though the lighting in these pictures is terrible, this outfit makes me happy. It's tough to feel cute when you're a couple of weeks past your due date, and let's be honest, this maternity shirt pretty much didn't fit in these pictures, but a cozy thick cardigan fixes most clothing issues. I am pretty much living in them for the next couple of months at home, so when I do start taking outfit pictures again, expect to see a lot :)

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  1. Love the print on your cozy cardigan! You had such great maternity style! Have a wonderful holiday!

    Doused In Pink

  2. Such a fun cardigan! I love it! You have a baby!!

  3. The lighting totally makes this look like an old catalog maternity ad! In the best possible way. :)

  4. love this outfit, super cute. i'm sad that there are no more maternity outfits, and my toenail polish is pretty bad.. and I can reach my toes lol.

  5. Cute! And I cannot wait to meet that sweet babe soon!! :)

  6. Gorgeous aztec print sweater I really want one similar!! Coming by from the Pleated Poppy Link up!

  7. Aw, it's fun to see your last maternity outfit! I'll be stealing ideas from you in the coming months, I'm sure!

  8. You were so cute pregnant but I'm so glad you have your little man now!!! :-)

  9. This is a great outfit! You seriously had the cutest maternity outfits. And I love those booties!

  10. I can't believe that cardigan is F21! I haven't been there in forever, but they really do have some cute items!

  11. You were such a beautiful, stylish yet cozy mom-to-be. I felt bittersweet when I posted my last pregnancy outfit also. That aztec cardigan is too cute. Hope baby boy is doing well and you are also getting some rest.

    Happy Holidays Ashley and Merry First Christmas to your little one!

    <3 Ada.

  12. Congratulations Ashley- I'm sure it was fun dressing the bump (you had some fab outfits I need to copy!) but you're right, holding a baby and touching your toes totally trumps it :-)

  13. That cardigan does look cozy! I'm so glad that baby is in your arms now too! :)

  14. Cardis are so good post baby! Easiest option, layers work with a little volcano that may erupt any moment, haha! I had to go check out his arrival post, he's beautiful! I like how you did the same thing I did and tried to buy less maternity clothes - after all, baby clothes are more fun to spend money on, hehe! :)

    Enjoy this time together, it goes by so quickly! :)

    Away From The Blue

  15. Cardigans are so awesome- so easy, keep you warm, and are super cute! Especially this cardigan- I love it! I've loved seeing all your maternity outfits but I bet holding that little babe trumps them all!

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  17. I am really impressed that you are wearing heels in this picture. As someone who pretty much can't stand to wear heels on the regular to begin with, I can't imagine doing it while >40 weeks pregnant!

    (That last comment was me, but I deleted it because I misspelled "heels" one of the times it was written, and I couldn't let it fly!


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