Nov 20, 2014

The Third Trimester

You guys, today is my due date!  I more than expected to go late, so no big deal, but I thought today would be a perfect day to share my thoughts on this last phase of pregnancy. 

3rd Trimester Health

For the most part, I have felt great through the 3rd trimester. It's really hard for me to complain about anything, especially since I know so many people who felt terrible during their entire pregnancies. I have gained nearly 50lbs (which is terrifying) and I feel like everything I have experienced is a result of that. My feet hurt at the end of the day and even my maternity pants are honestly pretty uncomfortable at this point (I should probably just start going to work in sweats). At about 37 weeks, I started to deal with more swelling - my wedding ring doesn't fit and I can't wear any of my riding boots because they are way too tight on my calves. Buuuut, that's to be expected at this point and as much as getting dressed in the mornings has been tough, I'm convinced it will all be worth it :)

Also, the baby is as healthy as ever. He measures correctly every week, has a great heartbeat and moves around like a kickboxer. He's been head down since at least week 20 and seems to be ready to enter the world.

3rd Trimester Highlights

Feeling the baby move. I started feeling the baby move around 16 weeks, but it hasn't gotten old at all. I love knowing that he's doing great in there. Granted, it can be pretty painful at this point (I definitely thought a head-butt was a contraction at one point), but I still appreciate it.

My time with Eric. Eric and I have a great time together, always. He is such a wonderful person to spend time with. Unfortunately, we've been really, really busy lately so we haven't really had much time to sit around and just spend time together. But, we did get to have a little getaway a couple of weekend ago and it was wonderful. We are both definitely excited to meet our son, but we are also so aware of how things will change. I know we will love the baby and our lives will be better because of him, but there are just things that we aren't exactly pumped about. All of that to say, I know how special these last few days are and Eric and I have been trying to make the most of them.

Baby stuff! Baby clothes are so cute, you guys. Baby boy outfits - plaid, sweaters, fake ties - all adorable. We haven't bought much ourselves, but we have received tons of cute outfits that I am so excited to put him in. Also, just figuring out everything we need, returning items we don't, etc has felt really good. I love going into the baby's nursery (pictures to come soon, I promise!) and just looking at his bed, blankets and other sweet things.

3rd Trimester Favorites 

Anenome BrasI've pretty much worn my regular bras throughout the pregnancy, but the past few weeks they have been pretty uncomfortable. I bought a few of these cheap ones off of Amazon a couple of months ago and I have been so thankful for them. They are comfy and stretchy and you can un-hook them for breastfeeding as well.

Naturalizer Loafers. I bought these early in my second trimester and have pretty much worn them nearly every day since. I have had some minor swelling in my feet the last few weeks, plus it's really difficult to get my shoes on and off every day, so these have been great. Naturalizer is definitely one of my favorite brands when it comes to comfort - I have these riding boots and they are amazing too. 

Coke with Lime. Soooo you really shouldn't drink soda when you are pregnant. Actually, you shouldn't drink soda at all - it's really bad for you (in case you didn't know?). I hardly ever drink coke, but I've been to a few events lately where everyone is drinking some sort of alcoholic beverage and I felt left out, so my choice has been a coke with an entire lime squeezed in. Soooo good.

Lucie's List. There are tons of websites out there with great advice and daily updated about baby, but my favorite has been Lucie's List. Meg's writing style is right up my alley (people take a lot of baby stuff WAY too seriously - I appreciate her sarcasm) and her registry guide is perfect. I highly recommend signing up for weekly emails if you're preggers.

I have had a really great pregnancy overall and I feel so blessed! I was definitely nervous about feeling sick or super-uncomfortable or having strange symptoms and I didn't have any of that. Now I'm about to become a mom. I wish I wasn't nervous about that :)

P.S. You can read about the first trimester or the second trimester if you are so inclined. 


  1. Now the countdown really starts! It was fun to read about your pregnancy journey. I'm so excited for you!


  2. Oh my gosh I still can't get over the cuteness of baby boy clothes and I've been buying them for over a year now :) Little man stuff like mini plaid and chambray shirts are my favorite. And I've gotten TONS of good info from Lucie's List. Also super helpful advice post-delivery.

    Happy due date! Excited for you to meet your little guy soon.

  3. Can't wait to meet your little man! Hopefully not too much longer...

  4. Best of luck on your delivery day! :)

  5. You're so close! Just a little bit longer and then you can post adorable pictures on here and make us all coo and squish over your wee little one. I'm glad you've had some time for couple things and reflection! And no worries about the weight. You're growing a human. It's alright. :)


  6. Happy Due Date! Can't wait to meet your little guy!

  7. oh my gosh!! how exciting! I wish you had instagram so that I could stalk you and the impending arrival. Anywho so glad your pregnancy has been so wonderful, and I kinda want those loafers for myself.

  8. Aww, I'm so glad to hear everything is going so well! This is an exciting time! Sending blessings your way, friend!!

    xo Always, Abby

  9. I'm so glad you have had a pretty pleasant go of it! It's nice to hear some pregnancies aren't completely miserable! And honestly, I would have never guessed that you are up 50lbs! You look amazing!

  10. Love the update! Now bring on the baby! ;)

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  11. Oh my goodness, he'll be here so soon! So exciting!!!

  12. I am so glad your entire pregnancy went smoothly for you. You have such a positive outlook on it all! Hope labor goes just as well!

  13. I loved Lucie's List too! You look beautiful. Praying for you guys!

  14. I've been so bad at keeping up with everyone so I'm trying to play catch up. I wanted to check in and see if you were still preggo and it looks like you are but not for much longer! It sounds like your pregnancy went super smoothly which is great. I've heard some frightening horror stories! We're all so excited for you guys!

  15. Love love love these updates! Will have to check out those bras- I feel like the girls are so big already! And Lucie's List sounds awesome! Hope you have a smooth delivery!

  16. Baby clothes - I went totally over board buying so much stuff for my son and then went super over board buying girl stuff for my daughter. She's 8 and I still buy her way too much stuff. I got a lot of baby and toddler stuff from Gymboree either at the store or on eBay. I then turned around and sold it on eBay once they grew out of it.

  17. You are sooo close!! I am so happy that you're feeling good. You definitely should have invested in some nursing bras early on. There's NO way I could be wearing my regular bras these days. Way too uncomfortable.

  18. Now you got the "you put a lime in the coconut and shake it all up" song stuck in my head! Bah! And I love that style of bra that you linked up! They're so comfortable but still offer (some) support. Happy belated due date!

  19. loved reading your last pregnancy update. you were so cute preggers. hopefully by now baby boy is here. then later you can share mommy and me style posts so we can see all his cute clothes.

    hugs, Ada.

  20. I can't wait to hear about the birth of your little man! My best friend had her son in the end of September, and my cousin had a baby boy last Monday, so I feel like I'm surrounded by little baby boys right now. So many cute boy clothes!!!


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