Sep 8, 2014

The Second Trimester

My second trimester is over, you guys! I honestly can't believe how fast this whole pregnancy business if flying by. I realized I needed to stop and reflect for like 5 seconds so I don't forget everything.

2nd Trimester Health:

As of 8/28 I have gained about 21 pounds (yippee!) which is apparently more than appropriate (but is still weird). My baby weighs over 2lbs (crap, where did the other 19 come from?) and can hear, open his eyes and has fingerprints.

I passed my 1 hour glucose test with flying colors! I actually had a scare because my test information got mixed up with someone else's and I got a call telling me that I would have to take a 3hour test...  The thought of drinking that orange-sugar-crap again literally made me tear up. BUT, it turns out I DID pass the 1 hour test and I am DONE. I nearly pass out every time I have my blood taken, so I made Eric come with me and hold my hand. Obviously the birth process doesn't freak me out at all (*sarcasm).

2nd Trimester Highlights:

I still feel great. Yeah, I am the annoying person who didn't get sick in the 1st trimester at all. I have continued to feel great through the 2nd trimester and even had a little improvement in the energy department. I started showing (like, a 100% for real, strangers noticing, type of thing) at around week 25, which was fun. So far no strangers have reached for the belly (thankfully!), but I don't really see that happening until I'm about to pop as my bump is still pretty small.

It's a boy! Finding out the sex of the baby was a HUGE milestone. We found out in an anti-climactic sort of way (I had an ultra sound by myself without looking at the crotch area, then took the pictures to NYC when I went to visit Eric. We looked at the pictures at 11pm after I had been delayed 5 hrs and we both were kind of like, "oh, it's a boy.") Definitely not a gender reveal party, blue balloons type of moment, but it was still exciting to know. It's soooo nice to be able to refer to the baby as "him" and "he." It also makes everything so much more real. He doesn't have a name yet (not even close) but I love knowing there is a little boy in there.

Feeling the baby move. Oh man, this is beyond wonderful/weird. Pregnancy is literally a miracle. I mean, there is a HUMAN BEING moving inside of me. He moves A LOT and seems to get pretty cranky when he's hungry (my husband shares this lovely trait). I started feeling little bubbles around 16weeks and it took me a while to realize, "yes, that is the baby." Now, there is no confusion. He kicks, punches, hiccups and who knows what else in there. 

2nd Trimester Favorites: 

H&M maternity jeans: They are sooo soft and I love the fact that they have a little (fake) button - they look so much more like real jeans than most maternity jeans I have seen. I am afraid I won't be able to give them up post-pregnancy.

Dried Apple Rings: I keep them in my bedside table at night, which makes me feel like I have a bizarre eating disorder. But, when I wake up to pee in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep because my stomach is growling, I can eat a few of these and I feel much better. Plus, they don't make any news when you chew them, so I don't wake Eric up.

Argan Oil: I have been using Argan Oil on my stomach at night. I have no idea if it will actually help with stretch marks, but it makes me feel better for being relatively proactive about it. It also feels good and keeps my skin from itching, which is a really good thing.

May Designs Bump Diary: I have been trying really hard to keep track of everything, and this notebook makes it really easy. You mark something off every day and it prompts you to keep track of milestones and make different lists. I got it early on and I have LOVED it.

ONLY 11 more weeks to go!!

*You can also read about the First Trimester if you are so inclined :)


  1. Aww what a fun update :) Great to hear that everything is coming along so well!!


  2. yay! you don't look like you've gained an ounce, girly. i hope my pregnancy is like yours lol but i bet i'll be sick all the time. um maternity jeans are allowed to be worn forever.

  3. You are so adorable! Hooray for still feeling great!

  4. How wonderful that you're having an easy pregnancy! It must be so nice to feel good, as well as to know that the baby is healthy and hearty. Also, I'm no doctor, but I've heard that the whole weight-gain-during-pregnancy-appropriateness is total BS, and how much weight is appropriate has way more to do with your body type an how you are feeling than any actual scale numbers. So definitely don't worry about it, and enjoy all that eating for two!

  5. Glad to hear that things are going so well for you! I was also a member of the easy pregnancy club but hate to mention it too loudly because I tend to get death glares :) I enjoyed most things about pregnancy and have amnesia about the rest. I think boy names are hard to pick! We had a short list of boy names and a lengthy list of girl names. Can't wait to hear what you decide on :) Hope the students have settled down a bit and that cooler temps are headed your way.

  6. Love your update! It really does go so fast! Soak up all the little things!

  7. You look so fantastic! So glad you are having a good pregnancy. And YAY for a boy!


  8. Hooray for little boys! And it's so nice you're feeling great - I was that annoying lady too, but really we should just call ourselves lucky :) Such a cute little bump - I love that 25 weeks photo.

  9. Love reading your update and I'm so glad things are going well! Savor every moment because once he arrives, time will go by even faster!


  10. Shhh! I was one of those really annoying people first trimester, too. Don't feel bad about it though! So glad to hear everything is continuing to go well. And thank goodness no additional glucose test! Yuck!

  11. I can't believe the second trimester is over already! I feel like you just told us all. So glad to hear you didn't get sick. I'm such a wuss when it comes to nausea. I'm dreading that more than anything!

  12. Aww yay, I love reading your updates. I'm glad everything is going so well. You're in the homestretch now!

  13. These updates are fun to read! Time is sure flying by fast- I bet you're getting excited to meet your little guy!

  14. Umm can we talk about your rump? Because it looks amazing. I'm jealous. Also, I'd be lying if I said I never had food on my nightstand. It just happens. Glad to hear good news, hope things stay up and up for this last leg!

    1. Hahaha oh my gosh. I already have a huge butt so I am kind of frustrated that it has gotten bigger since I've been pregnant - my pants stopped fitting so early on! And haha, the food on the nightstand has been awesome, so I'll probably keep it up post-baby!

  15. So Happy For You Ashley !! What a blessing You are gonna be a great mom !
    Simply Sutter

  16. Love this update! You look so great.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  17. You are gonna be a cool mom! Its too awesome! I love your look! <3

  18. You have had a great, healthy pregnancy so far. Not that I am an expert but I too have been pregnant and not too long ago. Also, a very stylish Mommy-to-be I must say. I personally tried Almond Oil for my stretch marks (which actually I never got) but even pure 100% extra virgin olive oil is wonderful too. I'd apply that to the feet as well. It helped their skin and made me relax too, as I massaged them. =)

    Wonderful catching up with you as always Ashley. So excited for your huge life change. Have a wonderful rest o the week. <3 Ada.

    P.S. E-mail me if you have any questions at all. I am here for you.

  19. Aww, it sounds like things are going well for you! You are such an adorable mama-to-be, and I loved reading about everything pregnancy-related! Good luck on choosing a name for your boy! Kevin and I have had our boy and girl names picked out for a couple years now...I'm such a nerd about names that I always have like 20 names for boys and girls that I like. Let me know if you need suggestions, haha!! ;)


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