Sep 24, 2014

Maternity Style: Jeans and a T-Shirt

 shirt: h&m (similar) // jeans: h&m maternity (similar non-maternity) // 
necklace: f21 // shoes: dolce vita (similar

So today, because Wednesday is already kicking my butt, I decided to one of those "bump update" things. I'm pretty sure this will be interesting to... my mom... so don't feel obligated to read it if you aren't my mom. 

How far along? 31 weeks
Baby size: A coconut
Total weight gain: hahaha.... a lot. I don't have scale at home, but my last doctor's appointment showed about 25lbs.
Maternity clothes? Pants and skirts: yes. I am still wearing a lot of my regular loose tops (this shirt is not maternity) which is pretty awesome considering I have 9weeks left. I'm hoping not to buy any new maternity items.
Stretch marks: Not that I've noticed. However, I'm trying not to think about it. 
Sleep: Oh man, I was sleeping sooo well (with just one bathroom break a night), but the past week I started to get really uncomfortable. I set up this hilarious looking pillow stack (imagine a recliner made of pillows) and that seems to be helping a little.
Best moment this week: Laying in bed with Eric talking about the baby and feeling him kick for about an hour. We have been so busy that hasn't happened in a really long time. 
Miss Anything? Will you judge me if I say alcohol? I love wine, and margaritas were calling to me all summer. I'm pretty convinced I will be asking for champagne in the hospital.
Movement: All day, everyday. Right now. He kicks when he's hungry, he kicks when he eats, he kicks when he's bored... Hopefully this is not a prelude to his life outside the womb.
Food cravings: I kind of wish I was having food cravings so that I could be mean and bossy about it. But I haven't really had any cravings or aversions the entire time. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not at all, and I am not taking that for granted.
Have you started to show yet? Um, look at my pictures? Actually, I only started getting comments from strangers (nice comments!) about a month ago, so I'm still getting used to "showing" to other people. 
Gender: boy!
Belly Button in or out? Well, you can look back at my pictures and see it... it's been out for a long time. 
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood: I'm thinking my husband might be better judge of this... but I would say normal. I'm getting more excited to meet this hairy coconut, but I'm also getting a little stressed about all of the things I need to do before then. 
Looking forward to: Getting the nursery done! We are in the process, but it's been a slow one since we have so much going on. It will be so nice to walk in that room and not see stuff all over the floor. 

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  1. You look so good! Love this classic look. And that necklace is too cute. I hate you aren't sleeping. I know a lot of women get those giant body pillows to help. I have absolutely no knowledge on this subject so I am just throwing that out there. Oh and I would totally miss alcohol too!


  2. I think it is totally normal to miss alcohol at the end. I always crave a giant glass or maybe just the whole bottle of wine for about 2 weeks before I have the baby. I swear every time that as soon as I am home from the hospital I will have a glass it always ends up taking me like 4 months to get around to it. I love the necklace you are wearing.

  3. Aw I like reading your bumpdates! :) And you look adorable--love that statement necklace!


  4. You look super cute! I love reading your bump updates! Hopefully you won't have complete strangers wanting to touch your stomach like I did! So weird!


  5. I love when other people start noticing that you're pregnant. You look amazing! I love a jeans and tshirt outfit.

  6. So great that you're still able to use normal tops! I hear ya. I totally missed alcohol each pregnancy and have to admit before getting pregnant, I'd try to enjoy the last few months a little more knowing I'd have 9 months without it.

  7. I cant wait to see the nursery! boo to not sleeping, maybe you need one of these
    oh i love the outfit - those shoes are super cute and i always wanted to try some like them but no idea how to wear them. cute necklace too!

  8. You look great! Love the denim!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  9. Maternity pillows do help somewhat with sleep! And back rubs from husbands! ;) I remember loving watching the baby move instead of just feeling it at this point. It's so funny to see your stomach move all around!

  10. I love those shoes! I bet they go with everything ;).


  11. It's ok. I'm up about 30 lbs so 25 is no biggie at all. (At least that's what I'm saying to make myself feel better about my weight gain) ;-)

  12. Sooo exciting that you are pregnant! U look soooo beautiful and gorgeous! GREAT outfit!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  13. Your bump update is so fun to read! I thought I would want a drink in the hospital too to be honest - but funny how it ended up being the last thing on my mind for a while!! =) Love your cute outfit and how you jazzed it up with a statement necklace!!

    Fashion, Floss and Lip Gloss

  14. You are looking amazing! I wore jeans and a tee a lot in my pregnancy - and just like yo did here I made the most of the stretchy material of my regular tees!

    You seem to have hit on the best bit of pregnancy - wear comfy clothes and pick the cutest accessories to dress them up! That's a really lovely necklace :)

    Away From The Blue

  15. oh my goodness, this necklace is amazing. You look stunning. Another fab post, love. If you get a sec, I'm sharing my Vanity Fair feature on the blog today. :) xx

  16. Maternity or not, jeans and a tee will always be a great look. Love the statement necklace as well! I won't hold it against you for missing alcohol.
    Chic on the Cheap

  17. Still looking cute friend. :) I tried so hard not to go crazy and spend lots of money on maternity clothes. But this week I had to buy a few nursing bras and tank tops to be ready. AH! Glad you are feeling so good, I have felt good my entire pregnancy and will not take that for granted!

  18. Cute necklace! You look amazing! Pffft. Don't worry about the weight. I gained 75 pounds with each pregnancy. Of course, I ate an entire sheet cake myself. I don't recommend doing that. : ). I am so excited that you are so close!

    You look beautiful!


  19. You look fantastic! It was fun to read your update, and I actually laughed out loud when you called him a hairy coconut haha.

  20. I enjoy reading about your progress! The fact that your haven't been queasy or had cravings is great! And no, we won't judge for you for wanting to unwind with a little alcohol haha


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