Aug 1, 2014

Where My Dolla Bills Went - July 2014

So I have kind of struggled with how to share my purchases with you all since I have started buying maternity items. I have bought a lot in the last few months that I haven't shared here yet because it wasn't public knowledge (if I still haven't announced it on FB yet, is it even public knowledge?). Anyway, I have decided to share my non-maternity purchases this month and then I'll try to catch up with maternity stuff later. Just wanted to disclose everything... trying to stay honest on the internet, you know.

1. Banana Republic Blazer. So yeah, can't button this. And it's way out of season. But. BUT. It is really cute and it was a part of that crazy extra 50% off sale that BR was having. It was marked for $40 so I got it for a whopping $20. Apparently the store actually had the blazer marked at the wrong price, but they honored it.  Check out the original price... I mean, I had to get it.

2. Banana Republic Sheath Dress. I know I already told you all the story of this dress, but short story was that it was marked down to $21 from $130. Again, I HAD to get it. Man, I sound so weak. I swear I'm not normally like that! Maybe this baby really likes clothes or something (dress worn here).

3. And of course the target dress (worn here) that was a birthday gift from my dear friend Emily. I have already worn it multiple times and I'm kind of obsessed. Someone made the note that it looks kind of weird online... I have to agree. But it's awesome in person.

Total: $41 (don't be impressed - I'll share what I actually spent on belly clothes later)

Happy August! This summer has flown by. I'm trying not to get too sad about the students coming back  (I live in a university town) and I'm just trying to enjoy the rest of summer. BUT. It's ending so soon! I hope everyone has an awesome summer-y weekend!

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  1. ohhh so you know I can't wait to hear what maternity clothes you've bought. that dress really is gorgeous, why for is it sold out? boo.
    so my friend never announced her pregnancy on FB - I accidentally announced it for her. I posted something funny / pregnancy related and everyone was like omg is she pregnant? Oops. She wasn't mad, thankfully. She was like 7 months along!

  2. that blazer!! I don't blame you for getting it!

  3. That blazer is ah-mazing!! I always appreciate when stores honor their marked prices even when they are wrong. Target is always good about that, but I had a recent run in at Best Buy where they treated me like a criminal because their item had the wrong sticker on it. Guess I'm breaking up with them and won't be shopping there for a while. I'm looking forward to seeing your baby bump friendly purchases.

  4. Oh man, that BR dress is so pretty! And what a bargain! I never find bargains at BR, but maybe I just need to look more often!

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  5. Great deals from BR! That blazer is fabulous! Can't wait to see your baby bump purchases! When I was pregnant, maternity clothes were like big tents - frumpy and boring. They are so stylish now!


  6. You definitely had to get the two items from Banana that you did. They are so cute and versatile and were for amazing prices! I can't wait to see the maternity items you got!

  7. I love your blazer and you will definitely get to wear it before you know it! The white dress looked gorgeous on you! I am looking forward to seeing your maternity clothes purchases, too.


  8. Yeeeeah you could not have passed on the blazer and dress. Those are amazing deals, especially when you consider the fact that they are from BR! P.S. You could wear those two together!!

  9. ugh, my local Target is a disaster zone. The women's section has been taken over by every possible sized plastic storage box you could image. And then today it was overrun by kids running all over the place. ugh. so much traffic, so many u-hauls. But enough about that. I think passing up that white dress would have been a mistake. And Inge is right-- you should definitely pair the blazer and dress together :)

  10. Both of those BR pieces are classics and you got them for a steal of a price. Loved your Maxi Dress when you wore it too. It is beautiful and super versatile. =) Looking forward to seeing your maternity purchases.


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