Aug 4, 2014

Survey Results

Do you remember when I asked you all to complete that little survey way back when? Yeah, me neither. For real, I totally forgot about it. Obviously I am a very professional blogger.

When I finally remember to look at it, I thought the responses were really interesting! So, like my friend Amanda, and YHL (the first blog I ever read!) I'm sharing the results with you guys. I know, you're excited.

Okay here we go:

I am a... 
Yeah, not surprised. My husband (#lovehimsomuch) doesn't even read my blog.

How old are you?
Again, not surprising that the largest readership consists of people the same age as me. But, I'm inching sooooo close that orange bar, it's kind of freaking me out.

How did you stumble across the Cream to My Coffee?
I definitely think it's interesting that most of you guys found me via other blogs! I don't do advertising, and I don't think any other bloggers have "featured" me, so I'm so curious how it happened. And to the 22% that don't remember, I don't remember what I ate for breakfast this morning so I feel ya. 

How often do you read the Cream to My Coffee?
I would totally be flattered that you all read my blog whenever I post something new, but I don't post that much, so I'm not going to let myself get a big head about it. 

How do you keep up with new posts?
I was super surprised at how many people come directly to the website! I follow blogs through feedly so I don't have to keep track of when the blogs I read post something new - how do you guys remember to visit your favorite blogs? Is that a dumb question? I really am curious. 

Please rank the following blog post topics from your favorite to least favorite.
I was actually surprised at how many people put "personal updates" at the top. I'm thinking all of those people are people that I know in real life... right?

Would you watch a video posted on 
The Cream To My Coffee?
Haha, I literally don't know what I would post a video about, so this one made me laugh.

How much money do you spend on clothes per month?
I was really curious about this one. I feel like most people are close to me (I average about $60/month). I thought it was interesting that more of you guys spend over $300 than between $200-$299. I don't know what that means or anything (I'm not a sociologist!), but interesting. 

How often do you comment on blogs?
I think this might have been a vanity question that I posted to convince myself that there a few of you guys out there who read but never comment. And I was right! No pressure to comment, ever, but it was nice knowing you guys are out there. 

Is there anything that you would like to ask/comment on? Anything goes!
So I decided to share some of the comments and respond to them - thanks to everyone who left a remark. It was really fun reading them!

I love your blog, Ashley! I really like any style or life-related posts!! Why, thank you!

How old are you? I turned 28 on July 11th.

I enjoy your blog. Loved reliving my trip to Paris and had stayed at the same hotel! Never saw a smaller room in my life! Even though I am close to 69, I love keeping up with your fashion ideas. Thank you! Oh wow. Thank you so much! I love knowing I have readers of different ages out there! And I love that you stayed in that hotel! We laughed so hard when we saw how the bed was pushed against the wall. But I love the area and would totally stay there again!  

I like when you post about your life! Mom?

Really like the travel on a budget posts that you did. Will be helpful for my own future European travels! I’m so glad you liked it - it was one of my favorite posts to write! Feel free to let me know if you have specific questions.

I’m a 25 year old living in India, and came across your blog very randomly while looking for something. Had thought about writing to you earlier because despite belonging to completely different cultures, have found something very relatable about you and your life. Made me realize that people can share the same value system in life no matter where they belong or are raised. Love the glimpses into your life! Keep that going. Lots of love and wishes from this end of the world :) You are so thoughtful to leave me this sweet comment! If I come to India someday, can we hang out?

MORE ERIC! I’m pretty sure I know who wrote this… and it rhymes with Chon.

I love your blog because you wear clothes that are affordable. I also like seeing what you wear for real life and not just special occasions. I aspire to have a style that is “creative casual” (and by that I mean work appropriate, but not stuffy or bland) and I think you embody that pretty well. Thanks for sharing with us! Thank you!! You have no idea how much that means to me.  

Can you please use a different font? The one you use in your posts is too light and it’s difficult to read. You guys!  How come no one told me this before??  I had no idea. I will work on it.

When are you going to tell the world that you’re pregnant?!! I can see your bump in some pictures and it’s hard not to say anything! Haha. Mirela Haha, Mirela, you are the best. I made it public just for you :)

I think you’re cool and your blog is rad. Well, oh my. *blushing*

How do you feel about group giveaways? If another blogger asked you to team up for some sort of collaboration, how likely is it that you would say yes? Hmm… I’m honestly not sure. So far I have passed on most group giveaway requests because I find them a little “much” (if you follow all these blogs that you probably won't actually read, you’ll win $20), but I am not completely opposed to them. So, if it was a good opportunity and fit the style of my blog, I might say yes.     As far as general collaborations go, I’m definitely game! I have done a few blogger partnerships in the past, but I like to make sure that it seems natural to my blog and that it would be mutually beneficial. Feel free to email me!

I hate that I had to rank your content! I love your blog because it offers commentary and tips on a variety of subjects unlike other one note blogs. Keep the diversity coming! Most of the time I feel like my blog is a big subject-mess, so thanks for making me feel like I should keep up the randomness!

I find you funny and relatable when you post about your personal life, but I wish you would do it more often. I understand the need to protect your privacy, but to me, when bloggers air too much on the side of keeping their personal lives out of their blogs, they come off as sterile, and I like feeling like I relate to what I am reading! I know it is a fine line to walk. Oh, this is such a good comment. I am a really private person, which I totally realize is a little ironic considering that I have a public blog. I think I just figure most people don’t want to hear about my personal life, but I am learning that isn’t true. I will work a lot harder to share more, but I do try to be overly cautious about sharing things that could be a safety issue, like where I live, when I’m out of town, etc. It really is a fine line!

Your blog is a reflection of YOU and that is ultimately what brings me back. Also, I know you and love you but I love in California ;) far away from you so I read to keep up with you. Well, I know who wrote this. Love you, friend.

You’re surprisingly active in comments and I give you credit for that! As for personal finance posts, I think that right now that label only shows your clothing budget posts when I also seem to recall that you have shared numbers for your home projects as well. I love commenting! I feel like I’ve been slacking lately, but I’ll just blame the baby (is it bad that I am blaming him for stuff and he’s not even born?). I definitely need to work on my categories – thanks for filling me on that!

I love your blog! Post more ;) jk   Wait, should I post more? Or not?   ;)


So, that was long. But, there was so much good stuff that I had to share with you guys. Thank you, thank you to those of you who took the survey and shared your opinions.


  1. I use bloglovin and sometimes I dont and I just visit my favourites. You are one of them (creepy stalker alert?) and I'm always mad when you don't post, slightly joking. I don't know you in real life, I am just nosy so I like personal updates :) that's funny someone mentioned the font, it is kinda hard to read :-|

  2. This is so interesting! Now I'm thinking I should really do a survey sometime. And on the topic of your font - I have 2 monitors, one of which is slowly dying and colors are much lighter. It's a little bit hard to read on that one, but I think it's more a problem of the monitor. It's easy to read on my other monitor. So it might be a brightness setting for the person who mentioned it.

  3. I got Google Reader literally a month before they shut it down, now I have moved on to Feedly (which I love). Before that, for about a year and half, I just would type in my favorite blogs titles. Of course, after visiting them several times, Chrome remembered them, so it wasn't that hard, but still weird. Then, I was only reading about 10ish blogs. Now, I have many more, and just going directly would be crazy! I would never remember all the ones I want to read.

  4. So finding you through other blogs, I've found a lot of people but just clicking people who left comments on other blogs. I really have no memory of how I found you but I've found several others that way so there's an idea! :)

    Love your blog!

  5. I think stuff like this is so interesting! I always wonder if there are more people reading my blogs than I would even know about if they don't leave comments.

  6. This is so cool that you shared all your results! Neat to see what other people put.

  7. I wonder about my readers.... maybe I should do a survey.... hmmmm!

  8. This is so interesting! I wonder the same thing about my readers. Such a good idea to do a survey! Maybe I'll do that once my blog is 1 year old!


  9. What a cool project - and I totally am with you 100% on the group giveaway posts!

  10. I am astonished that people spend $200 or $300 a month on clothes. Not judging at all, just astonished. What are they buying? I was the person who said I don't really buy clothes. For serious. I don't buy anything and then drop $80 at the Banana Outlet once a year :) big spenderrrrr!

  11. This is so interesting! Thanks for sharing the results!

  12. WOW this was so thorough and well-written. I must do a similar survey soon. And I feel you on group giveaways. I don't participate on all of them because it is a pain going through a million entries.

    Also, yes the blogging community and I miss you but I am sure you will get back to commenting when you can. Baby comes first. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!!

    <3 Ada.

  13. This is so cool! I've been wanting to do some team-ups but I have no idea how to go about it (other than theme weeks with Andi). I like the group giveaways lately that just give you a freebie entry and then you can get extra entries by jumping through all the hoops and ladders. Before I knew what bloglovin was, I "followed" blogs by having a folder of bookmarked blogs and then I'd just open 'em all up in separate tabs. And I didn't know you had so many followers that were big spenders! And that there were so many big spenders out there! -- just some random thoughts from this post :)

  14. Thank you for sharing this! I always find these interesting and would love to get some feedback from readers. You didn't have this as an option but I actually found you through your comments. I can't remember if it was on a blog I read or if you commented on mine. You are so sweet for always commenting (even though I'm not as good) and I really appreciate it. I have a favorite blog post on Blogger that I go through to see my favorites but there are a handful, including yours, that I just go straight to the site most of the time.
    Thanks again for sharing!


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