Jul 30, 2014

Style: Vests & Onion Bagels

anthro-print-dress-vest-1 anthro-print-dress-vest-2 anthro-print-dress-vest-4 anthro-print-dress-vest-5
 dress: anthro (similar) // vest: target // sandals: aldo (similar) // earrings: target (similar)

bump status: 23 weeks

Yesterday, I went to Target. Not out of the ordinary (I mean, two out of four items I'm wearing are from Target). I went solely for groceries (and succeeded! victory!) and as I turned the corner in the bread aisle, a lady stopped me:

Lady: excuse me
Me: oh, you're not in my way, no worries
Lady: no.... I was wondering if you know where I can find onion bagels. 

At this point I am wondering if she thinks I work at Target... I am clearly not wearing red and khaki so I proceed. 

Me: um... I don't know. I'm surprised there aren't any here. 
Lady: I have driven all the way from south Texas through Oklahoma looking for onion bagels. The everything bagels just have too much stuff on them, you know?
Me: Yeah... I have thought that before.


Lady: Well, I'm just looking out for all of us. I know we all want them. I don't understand why stores just don't carry them. 
Me: uh-huh. Good luck!!

Such a confusing conversation. I mean, are onion bagels really that much of an endangered species? So random, you guys. Anyway, at this point I should probably say something about what I'm wearing (I can't decide what is least interesting... talking about clothes or onion bagels). I have had both this dress and this vest for a really long time so it's strange to me that they have never made it on the blog. The dress I got like 60% off at anthro and it is such a great summer dress. The vest I got in college at a point when people weren't really wearing vests, so I hardly ever wore it (I tend to not be on the cutting edge of fashion, ha). I still hardly ever wear it, but now that it won't actually close in the front, I thought it would be a good idea. 

*Not sure if you can tell, but I am feeling particularly sassy/sarcastic this morning.


  1. heheheh what a CUTE post! i love that conversation! now everytime i see onion bagels at the store i will stock up since they are endagered! =)

  2. I need to go to Anthro with you, I swear you get the best deals. I don't know if I've ever had an onion bagel. The other day my husband took me to the bagel shop as a treat (I loooove bagels and rarely splurge for anything but the 5 pack in the refrigerated section) and I wanted an asiago bagel sooo badly, but they were all out. So I got an everything bagel instead. And it was perfect. So, no, I don't think there's "too much stuff" on the everything bagel. And who drives through the country looking for onion bagels?! (looks like you're not the only one in a mood today)

  3. I like this look! The vest works perfectly here. I never understood why people would ever get maternity cardigans, vests, or blazers. You really don't want to button them anyway so I think it looks just fine! And onion bagels-weird. No other word for it!

  4. lol wtf? someone needs to show her how to order those bagels from amazon! super cute dress (hi bump!) and love the vest. vest, vest see my vest...

  5. Cute dress and crazy experience! :-)


  6. lol this is too funny ! now i'm wanting a plain bagel with cream cheese and honey on it !
    you look great in this outfit !
    Simply Sutter

  7. Wait, so this lady was driving cross-country looking for onion bagels? Are they that scarce in the mid-west? I'll send you some onion bagels! haha Love this dress and vest together.

  8. Look at you with your cute bump! Love it. That is so random about onion bagels. Although I have gone from store to store looking for mint chocolate chip ice cream. Priorities, you know.

  9. I think it's perfectly fine to wear vests that don't button. Also, I love how these photos are taken at school. The campus where you work I'm guessing? Good idea to take outfit photos there before it's teaming with students. As for the onion bagel thing, yes they are great, no denying that, but to drive from Texas to Oklahoma only to buy the bagels at Target? Really?

  10. Such a funny story! Love the dress!

  11. Haha. That conversation just sounds crazy! I wouldn't have known what to say to her!

  12. What a strange conversation! Hope she found her bagels! You look adorable in this outfit! The vest and dress are the perfect pairing!


  13. You look so great! And what a weird conversation about onion bagels! I mean, has she ever heard of the internet? You don't have to go on a road trip, just do a little googling!

  14. Hahaha.... she is one determined onion bagel lover. You and the bump are looking so cute!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  15. hahaha that is such a funny story! I'm loving this dress and your bump!!


  16. How random is that??? If she was looking for onion bagels, why didn't she drive to a grocery store who is more likely to have them, or better yet a bagel shop?? I'm sure there was one closer than the drive she said she made to get to your local Target. That is hilarious.

    That dress looks so breezy and cool for summer. And I can't get over your adorable baby bump.

  17. That was a funny conversation!! People can be a little nuts- me included;) I love this vest. I am convinced that I need one for fall. It goes with everything! You are looking fabulous! Susan

  18. 100% hilarious. Craving onion bagels now.



  19. haha that's great! And you look adorable. :)

  20. I love your vest! It was such great texture and looks great with that dress! I have a vest that a million years old and I just started wearing it again! It's been really fun!

  21. Lol, what an interesting conversation! I wonder if she ever found those bagels....That dress is so pretty! I love the print!

    Nicole to the Nines

  22. Haha too funny, and I love how casually you went into the outfit part as if the conversation about onion bagels never happened. Have a lovely night ;) Rachel xo

  23. OK your onion bagel lady totally sounds like someone who would come talk to me. The crazies all seem to pick me! The other day at the post office this seriously crazy lady asked me if i thought if she had a stroke she would know it… umm I don't know! But I love this dress! So cute!


  24. such a cute vest, it keeps the dress fun and casual

  25. love the print of this romper, sooo cute! and the vest is a great addition!

  26. oh my gosh the onion bagel story?! hilarious! is that lady for real?!

  27. You have such an adorable bump! I love the print on this dress. You look fabulous doll!

    On another note, you should take a look at the Style Confession Link-up, over on my blog http://sequinsandstyle.com/week-5-link-up. It's a great way to meet and build relationships with other bloggers, as well discovering new blogs. :)


  28. What a weird encounter you had with that lady!! You look ADORABLE, either way...that vest is so darling, and I LOVE the print and colors on your dress!

  29. I love your outfit. You look gorgeous. And how can you not know where to buy onion bagels? Isn't that the very first thing one researches when they move to a town? ; ). Seriously though, that is crazy! Talk aboutma craving! I hope she finds them before she reaches California!


  30. Hi Ashley! So...people are crazy. This dress is a winner for sure and I love how you styled the vest to still look "relevant" if that makes sense. I'm always impressed at how people can keep items for a long time but still style them in a way that looks stylish today! It's an interesting piece, but you made it work!

    OH, and I love seeing all your outfits with your cute bump :)

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  31. I love that I can see your growing baby bump in the last 2 Fashion Posts. Must wear this dress and vest more often, Ash. =) I laughed at your little Onion Bagel story. I happen to love onion bagels - well I love onions in general. Panera bread makes awesome ones.


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