Feb 3, 2014

The Wichita Mountains (Or, Reflections On Warmer Weather)

I don't talk about Oklahoma enough on this blog. The truth is, Oklahoma is awesome. I feel thankful to live here. One of the things I like about Oklahoma is the weather. That probably sounds crazy (tornadoes, anyone?) but there are some things about it that I really do like. Like the fact that two weeks ago it was 68 degrees and today there is snow on the ground. I mean, we have everything. And who wouldn't want 68 degrees in January?

Eric and I took advantage of the weather and headed out to the Wichita Mountains (mountains are used very loosely here - they are basically huge hills, which is a big deal in the flatlands). It was Eric's first time and it had been a really long time since I had been there, so it felt like a new discovery. We had a great time - we even brought Winston, which of course made every moment more wonderful :)

We actually saw quite a few buffalo wandering about, so the pamphlet is legit.



Um, yeah. My dog is wearing shoes. In my crazydogperson defense, last time he went hiking, he came home with huge burrs stuck inside his paws and they were so painful he couldn't walk. So we got him cheap little shoes and they worked really well. Not a burr in sight!


Hiking break.




My husband loves heights. Me... not so much.

Self timer action.

It's definitely a little ironic that I am posting these pictures on a day when the ground is frozen, but it's definitely boosting my cold-weather-hating-spirits a little bit. When we first got married, we lived at a camp and we used to do outdoors-y things a whole lot more. Now, life just gets busy. But 2014 is starting off pretty well - here's to more hiking in the future! 


  1. What a fun little adventure! I'd say these look like a more than just hills. Very cool pictures!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I love that your dog wears little shoes...so so cute!

    Clothes & Quotes

  3. i love the wichita mountains! i went camping there a few years ago. the scenery is gorgeous! i wish i could go there more often, but it's about a three hour drive.

  4. I love hiking, it unfortunately snowing today so not today. Those views are breathtaking.

  5. Great pictures!! Everything looks so pretty!

  6. bah, I wish I had something like this near me! Great pictures, and I love those doggy booties :)

  7. So fun! The one time I've been there, I loved it! And I agree with you on the weather - sure, it can be crazy, but that's what makes it so fun and interesting!

  8. Winston's shoes...oh man, I love it. I would do the same for Gregor. Did you guys go to Meers while you were there?

  9. Winston has shoes?? Like "hiking" shoes? I thought I had seen all the dog-loving action happen in Portland but you miss Ashley, just took it up a notch. :)

  10. Your photos are AMAZING! And I am literally "awww"ing out loud at your dog! Goldendoodle? We have an Irish Troodle and she looks pretty similar, just black! Love those booties- so cute and practical..I would totally do it too. Ahhh is it spring yet?! So lucky you had such high temps recently- jealous!

  11. ok, I was excited when I saw "Wichita" in your post, because that's my hometown and I thought you went there. Then I saw "Mountains" and I knew that wasn't the case. This looks like a really cool area! We get crazy temperature swings in Nebraska, too. I love the random 60 degree days in January, but I really hate the random snowy days in late April or early May!

    Also, your dog is so cute! I didn't even know they made dog shoes, but it seems like a good idea for this type of area!

  12. Looks like you guys took advantage of your great weather! And I LOVE that you bought your doggy green shoes - so stylish. Makes me want to take a road trip to OK!

  13. I love the little dog booties -- too cute! Great photography as well Ashley. It looks like an awesome day!

  14. So fun to see this part of your life! So beautful!

  15. Ah, my friend use to volunteer at a a wild life refuge when she lived in Oregon, she loved it.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  16. Gorgeous pictures. Love that shot of your husband on top of the mountain! And your dog is so cute; good thinking with the doggie shoes!


  17. What were the buffalo like? I've only ever seen buffalo in that one youtube video "guy on a buffalo" (look it up, it's worth it!!). I didn't even see the person on that rock formation at first---it boggles my mind the natural wonders that exist.


    Another Beautiful Thing

  18. Wow! I honestly don't know much about Oklahoma at all, and I had no idea it was that beautiful!! I love these photos - you and your husband (and your pup!) look so happy and cute together. I love that your dog has booties on - my dog would kill me if I tried to put them on her (she hates having her feet touched...)!


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