Feb 13, 2014

Outfit of the Week: Valentines Day





shirt: gap (similar) // skirt: target // tights: hue // boots: eric michael // earrings: h&m (similar)

Guys. I had all these plans to wear pink and red all week and be all Look What You Can Wear on Valentines Day. This week turned in to something nuts and that didn't happen. I was able to take these pictures last night - please pardon the fact that they are really dark, I look like a greaseball and that you can't even tell my shirt has little hearts on it.

Whew. Ok. 

Tomorrow is Valentines Day (insert duh here). Eric and I aren't big V-Day people, but we normally spend a Saturday shopping and then have a fancy dinner in. This year we are actually having some fun friends stay the night with us, so we'll spend the evening with them. I'm so excited about it. Valentines Day is about spending time with people you love, not necessarily your love-er (I can't believe I wrote lover on my blog). 

What are your plans for Valentines Day?

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  1. We are having a friend stay with us this weekend too! Yay for having friends over for Valentines day!

  2. haha, I would think the same thing if I wrote "lover" in a post. Too funny! This outfit is super cute! I like how subtle the hearts are - just look like little dots from far away!

  3. I love your dainty hearts Valentine's day shirt. And if this is you greasy, you should see me! No photos allowed! ;) Have a good Valentine's Day and thanks so much for entering my giveaway!


  4. Oh cute! you can see in the last picture that there are hearts on your top. Haha I love how you skirted the "lover" with a love-er.

  5. So cute! Spending it with friends is perfect!

  6. Super cute, and love the the little hearts on the top! I like the use of purple-pink instead of full blown bubblegum!

  7. We're not big V-day people either, but I'm not wasting the opportunity to ask for another kitty :) Sounds like you'll have a fun time, I love that you said lover. It's a fun word. Oh, and that shirt is super cute!

  8. Loving the color of that skirt, doll!


  9. Ha ha. Lover. I'm cracking up. Our kids are going to an open gym (yay, babysitters) so my husband and I will probably just grab something quick to eat. I find that when you make reservations and get all dressed up, it's never as good as in your mind. Love the purple skirt.

  10. I saw the purple skirt in the thumbnail and was like OOOOH PURPLE! I love it.

  11. Fantastic look! Loving the purple on you. I would love for you to link up with The Sit Down Style Session so we could feature you and your fabulous blog next month!!

  12. Umm purple is totally a Valentine's color too!! I love this look. We never do anything for Valentine's day. And actually my mom and grandmother are coming to visit us tomorrow evening, so I'll be with them and the hubs will be studying (as always!)


  13. That skirt is really cute, and we're spending tomorrow night with some beloved friends, too, and I couldn't be happier about it!

  14. Classic, cute, and charming. I love the little hearts. ^-^

    I understand about not being big v-day people. J and I, as corny as it sounds, try to make every day like valentines day so it's a holiday that doesn't affect me much. :P



  15. While I was making my coffee this morning, my husband asked me, "Do you know when Valentine's Day is?" me: "um. tomorrow." him: "oh. haha. obviously I have nothing prepared." me: "that's to be expected." ... and then we went out for a really nice lunch date. I like you because you wrote "lover" on your blog :)

  16. Awe I love this outfit - and you do not look like a grease ball! You look adorable and I totes love the hearts on that shirt! So cute! Happy Valentines Day!

  17. Your outfit is adorable and the lighting is fine! It really makes the rich color of the skirt pop out. I wish they still had that color in stock. I'd like to get a similar color to wear with this black/white patterned top I have. That color would go nice with brown too :-)

  18. I maybe just snorted a little (lover). HAAAAA!

  19. I love the outfit, it's nice to see some different way to wear something lovely on valentines day :) I hope you had a great valentines day.


  20. Oh! I love that bright purple skirt!! I love how it brings in a pop of color to your look! =)

  21. This is so cute, Ashley! I love the little hearts on your sweater - I'm usually not a big fan of hearts on clothing/accessories, but these are so subtle and cute, and I really like it!!

  22. This is so cute! I love how it is Valentine's inspired but not in-your-face pink and red (as I did all week!). We like a low key holiday. We used to make a gourmet meal in, but since we spend so many nights in now we went out on Saturday. Hope you had a nice time with your friends!

  23. What a cute pencil skirt! Hope even though you aren't big V-day people, you still have fun :)


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