Feb 19, 2014

Outfit of the Week: Green Pencil Skirt, Grey Sweater, Random Thoughts





sweater: target (similar for $10) // plaid shirt: f21 (similar) // skirt: target // tights: hue // 
boots: eric michael // necklace: f21 (similar)

So. This outfit is a little bit frumpy. Or too covered or something. I can't decide if it's because I took these pictures last week and now it's 65 degrees outside so it just looks strange. Well, maybe it's just an outfit flop. I am totally OK with that. I'm no stranger to posting an outfit I don't really love. It's just clothes. More important things out there.

Like, Malala. We've all heard her story by now (she was shot by the Taliban for promoting girls' education) but I just finished her book so she is on my mind. I highly recommend the book - it is very eye opening. I could go into a lot of details, but I won't. Let's just say I'm feeling brave and pretty passionate about education right now. 

And finally, in case that was too much, can I just say how much much I really appreciate all of you that take the time to read my words, and comment on my posts? I know every blogger says this, but I really do appreciate it. This community makes blogging so fun!


  1. Laughing at the fact that you consider my favorite outfit of yours frumpy. I would have folded the sleeves up a bit so you could see the blouse at the cuffs as well, but other than that I really like this outfit!

    1. Haha well that makes me feel much better! I love the sleeve suggestion - that might have made it look better for sure! Unfortunately the plaid shirt is short sleeved so I couldn't roll it up. I wish I would have worn a different undershirt and rolled it up a little!

  2. I really like the shade of green on your skirt! Yeah, I'm like that all the time- things look a lot different in pictures than they do in my head! Or even to other people!

  3. I don't think it's bad at all, but I know what you mean about posting outfit pics you don't like anyway. I feel like I only like one out of every five I post, but like you said, it's just clothes :) Oh and yay for inspiring, empowering reads! I haven't read that one, but I love it when books challenge my thinking or get me passionate about something.

  4. I haven't read that book yet, but it's on my to-read list! And for what it's worth, I don't think this outfit is a flop at all! I really like the color combination and the layering.

  5. OK you're adorable - not frumpy. And I'm so glad that you suggested this book because I have book club this sunday and needed a good suggestion read! Annnnd you're welcome :)

  6. That sounds like a very interesting book! I will have to put it on my list, it sounds right up my alley! You don't look frumpy at all. If this is frumpy, I dress frumpy all the time! ;) I like the detail on your boots and the color of your skirt!

  7. I like that necklace! I've been embracing the shorter necklaces lately, but I like longer ones too! Yay for 65 degrees!

  8. I saw Malada on Jon Stewart recently and she gave me goosebumps. How can you be so young and so brave?! it's just mind boggling. Also, I rather like this outfit! The colors and textures go super well together. But if you feel a little frumpy maybe try tucking the sweater in next time, it'll make the lines of the outfit a little more polished :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  9. I think it is perfect for our cold weather here. Little jealous of the 65 degrees but get out and enjoy it for us frozen Popsicles! ;)

  10. I don't see frumpy because everything fits you well, but I do get where you're coming from with "covered up." Then again, I live in a warm climate and don't wear a lot of layers. Plus, I love the shirt and would love to see more of it. :) It would be fun to see you wear it with a jacket or just without the sweater. Always love your openness and yes, feedback and comments are so important to feeling like you exist as a blogger! :) -Gina
    On the Daily Express

  11. I love the color palette of this outfit!

    I don't think it's frumpy. I think maybe the proportions are bit off with the tall boots? Try it with flats or heels or ankle boots and see if that gets rid of the 'frumpy' feeling.

  12. Don't think you look frumpy at all I might add a bright colored necklace to see how that changes the look

  13. Hi Ya Ashley! I have Nominated your lovely blog for the Liebster Award ! Simply Sutter Happy Wednesday
    Your blog Buddy

  14. hi from the link up! I think that outfit is super cute! Love the color of the skirt!

  15. love the pop of green in this conservative outfit!

    Make sure to check out my blog, I do a combination of health, animals and fashion weekly!


  16. I don't think that's an outfit flop at all! I love it!

  17. I keep pining over these boots. They are seriously so beautiful, but I need another pair of boots like I need more snow to fall outside. (I don't need more snow to fall in case you were wondering.)

    My school is actually doing a community read of I Am Malala! I have been reading it before bed. It's so inspiring. Have you seen John Stewart's interview with her? It makes you love her even more if that's possible. I am seriously so glad I found your blog. Lovely boots AND talking about an awesome book. My kind of blogger and person :)

    P.S. I don't think the outfit is a flop, but when I sometimes feel off in a skirt/sweater/shirt combination, I tuck in the sweater and the shirt and belt it. It gives my waist the definition I'm looking for and makes me like the look more. I have no idea if that's helpful at all.

  18. I love green and grey together! I don't think the outfit it a flop - it's perfect for colder weather, yet cute and interesting. I think some ankle boots could of added a little more pizzazz/sex appeal.

  19. This really is a cute outfit. Don't be so hard on yourself! I have posted outfits I don't love, but for some reason those are the ones that get the most comments. Go figure!

  20. I didn't think this outfit looked frumpy at all! Because it looks cold out (even if it wasn't), you look seasonably dressed...and stylish of course. If it was 90 degrees outside, totally different story. I would have probably done ankle booties and a rolled sleeve, but that's just because I literally rock that look almost every day!

    Like you, I also love the blogging community. It's always fun reading comments, so that's why I love to leave them :)

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  21. its not frumpy at all :)
    actually very well put together !! and you are such a pretty girl !! xo


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  23. Love your boots Ashley.

    PS - I actually really like this outfit, dont think it is a flop at all.

  24. Hey Ashley. I like your outfit as well, however I can totally relate to the flop feeling (Blog post http://granolangrace.blogspot.com/2014/02/dress-little-short-more-experimenting.html is the perfect example. Talk about humbling! lol). There are certain outfits that I've done that ARE flops but there are also a few that I just don't feel like myself in, which seems to give off the same sense of flop-ness. As always, I enjoy your blog b/c I get the sense that I am actually getting to know the real you.

  25. I often feel frumpy in winter clothes in general. I think layers tend to make any curves I actually may possess disappear, and yet layers are so necessary for staying warm in the winter! I really like your skirt, though. I have the hardest time finding pencil-ish skirts that fit well!

  26. Definitely don't think this outfit looks frumpy, I actually really like it! However I totally understand how you feel - I always feel like my outfits are good and then I post them and think the complete opposite. It's the camera, I swear!

    Clothes & Quotes

  27. I think the outfit is cute and looks warm and cozy! I totally feel you though- after I take a photo I'm like "hmm....I envisioned it to look better in my head!" #bloggerproblems :-)

  28. thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog! i don't think this outfit is frumpy! that being said, i totally understand how you feel. with so many layers piled on, sometimes i feel like i'm drowning in clothes. i didn't know that malala had written a book, but i'm definitely interested in reading. now following you back via gfc :)


  29. I love the green pencil skirt! It's such a fun color when we get so, so used to black :/

  30. I wouldn't call it a flop, but I can relate to just not loving an outfit. I'm currently researching in the philosophy of education, and I can't believe how much literature there is! I'll have to check the book out sometime!

  31. Your outfit does not suck first of all. I would actually love to re-create it but I don't have similar pieces at all. And I appreciate your Thank you at the bottom. How can I not read and comment your blog? You are so awesome and genuinely kind and in return you come back and read and comment my blog, too. =) Come on now!! Now, I want to read that book too. =)

  32. I don't think the outfit is frumpy...you are using darker colors, so maybe that's what's throwing you off? I like the combination of hunter green and grey :)

  33. We got a warm up too, so actually I think your skirt and boots is perfect on a day like that! I'm too chicken for skirts and boots below 50 degrees!


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