Jan 13, 2014

Top 13 Posts of 2013

I love wrap-up posts - it gives me a chance to look back on the year and reflect on what I've accomplished, where I've been and the things that kept me busy! Without further ado, here are The Cream To My Coffee's top posts (in order of page views): 

13. DIY Citronella Candles  After unsuccessfully trying to find affordable candles with real citronella, I decided to make my own. And yes, they really do keep the mosquitoes away :)

 12.  How to Plan a Trip to Europe (for the frugal, non-backpacker)  My husband and I took a trip to Europe this year after a lot of planning. I shared how we got some great deals without going the hostel/backpacking route. I also shared a guide for each place we visited - Ireland, Paris, London

11.  Living Room House Tour I finally got around to sharing our small living room with you all. We have actually changed things up quite a bit since this picture was taken, so look for a new post soon!

10.  Easy Bench Makeover It took me a year, but I finally got around to giving this little bench a makeover that included an old coffee bean bag.

 9.  4 Ways to Wear Blue Pants  My blue pants have become a staple in my professional wardrobe - I realized I wear them a lot more than I thought! 

8. 7 Pieces 7 Ways  One of my favorite posts, because it made me think of some new ways to wear items I've had for a while.

7. The Front PorchThis is one of my favorite areas of my house, and all it took was a little paint and some DIY furniture.  

6.  DIY Pallet Table  Eric made this great table for our front porch and it was actually pretty easy!

 5. 4 Ways to Wear a Striped Tee This striped tee has served me well... I mean, I wrote a whole post about it :)

 4. Pantry Baking Cart  I filled this IKEA cart with everything I use for baking, so I no longer have to go back and forth from the pantry when I'm making a cake.

 3. Pantry Party  Our pantry got a bright, sunny makeover.

 2.  Chalkboard Pantry Labels  The pantry makeover included these easy DIY chalkboard labels that I affixed to IKEA containers. 

 1.  Making the Most of a Small Closet  The top post of 2013 was all about how I organize the small closet that my husband and I share. This is one of my favorite posts to write - I love to organize closets. Call me crazy if you must. 

I just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU to everyone out there who takes the time to read my silly little blog. Thank for for "liking," pinning and commenting each week. My corner of the internet may be small, but it really does bring me so much joy. Thank you so much for supporting me! 

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  1. You are full of so many great ideas! I need to work on my closets. They're tiny and desperately need a closet organizational system. Unfortunately every time I decide it's good to invest in one, something else comes up. xoxo

  2. I love the blue pants and the chalkboard pantry labels! I just love anything with chalkboard paint or labels!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  3. What a great year for your blog!! Loved all of these posts. I can't wait to see what 2014 brings for you and your blog!

  4. I love your diy/how-to/decor posts, so I can see why they are so popular!

  5. I really like the different ways you wore your blue pants! Mine have been a little underused lately, but I am seeing some great inspiration from your post! My husband and I have a super small closet in our room, so I am going to look for some tips on sharing. Yours looks so nice and organized!

  6. Love the year in review post! As a new reader it's fun to see all the things I've missed in a nutshell. Your closet it beautifully organized! Ahhh...so visually appealing! I love neat spaces and I can see why that was your favorite!
    On the Daily Express

  7. So happy to have found your blog, and can't wait for more tutorials from you!


  8. So many great ideas - you had a productive year! I especially like the pallet table.

  9. Ashley I think I started following your blog after reading the post on your London trip :)

  10. Oh my gosh, these are all really great! I'm definitely bookmarking the Europe guide. I've always wanted to go, but have been less than willing to go the backpacking route... So it's pretty much the ideal post for me, haha!

  11. You were one busy lady in 2013!! Thanks for taking us back...I think every single one of these was a home run...I need to see an entire home tour post. Your place looks so warm, cozy and inviting...I wish I was better at DIY things...my house needs some major sprucing up!!

  12. This is so great! I had no idea you had some of these posts. Now I will be busy reading all morning ;)

  13. Some really great inspiration here! I love the baking cart idea (so functional and necessary! Brilliant!) and also your painted pantry is adorable. So glad I found this list. Off to read the closet post, those are my fave!

    perfectly Priya

  14. This is awesome! Thanks for post a roundup so I can check out some of your best work! Looks like you are a very creative and organized person! :)

    xo Always, Abby

  15. As a new reader to your blog, this post is AWESOME! I'm not even kidding when I say I'm now going back to read/pin about half of these posts :)


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