Nov 22, 2013

November through Instagram

So I know November isn't even close to being over. And I know this is the type of post that only my mom finds interesting (love you mom!) but I'm sharing anyway. It's my blog, right?

 Eric and I got in a little date night at a local burger place. Egg burger, Parmesan fries... it was so great. And it was purchased with a gift card which is even better.

The last of the leaves and green grass. 


 Eric and I took a quick little trip to Fayetteville, AR to go to a hogs game. Eric's college bff's (my term, not theirs) came as well so it was a mini reunion. Arkansas lost, but spirits will still high.

 I'm kind of obsessed with my siblings. My brother (the blonde one) had a birthday this month so we all got together to celebrate his awesomeness. 

We live in a cool town. It has an amazing art museum (it's also free!) that we never visit. We decided to remedy that this month with a little art walk.

 Last weekend we celebrated Friendsgiving with a lot of really great people. The picture we all took is pretty awful, but we were just happy to be together.

Winston had a weekend sleepover with his friend Sam, who is also a goldendoodle. Let's just say that when Sam left, our house was covered in dirt and Winston was depressed. 

And finally, the most important thing of all: our niece was born! She entered the world this past Wednesday and we got to see her that evening. She is beautiful (all that hair!) and already so special to us. I love being an aunt :)

life rearranged

Just a few more hours to enter the necklace giveaway!


  1. Loving the pup pictures! Fur baby sleepovers are the best!

  2. 1) What is an egg burger?
    2) What is a Friendsgiving?
    3) Love all the pics! :)

    1. Haha I love you so much! An egg burger is just a burger with an over-easy egg on top! And Friendsgiving is just a corny name people use for celebrating Thanksgiving with friends instead of family! Miss you :)

    2. Oooooohhhh!! It makes sense!! We'll be having a Friendsgiving here too! :) Miss you too, hoping to have some time with you, your man and your dog when we go back to OK. Hopefully in the beginning of 2014. :)

  3. OMG the last two pictures, so precious :)

  4. There is Fayetville in NY and I was almost EXCITED until I read AR! I was hoping you live near by so we could meet up! :-/
    Also, congrats on your niece - she's adorable

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  5. awww! Congratulations on being an aunt!! =D Such a cutie pie!
    Fun photos!

  6. Looks like November has been a lot of fun at your house!! I'm jealous that you took a road trip to Fayettville!! It's on my to do list while we live in Arkansas because everyone says it's a GREAT town. Hope you have a great weekend :) Whitney

  7. Thank you for this picture into your life; I love when bloggers do that. :)

    Congrats on being an aunt! I'm an aunt to two sweet little girls under the age of 3 and it's amazing how much you love a kiddo that isn't yours. The human heart is wonderful.



  8. Lovely photos, Ashley! :)
    The one with your niece is adorable! Congratulations!

  9. Great pictures!! The baby is adorable!! Congratulation on being an aunt! <3

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  10. This was a great post. I enjoyed all the photos. Congrats on becoming an Aunt. Though I am not an Aunt yet, I am a Mom so I know how you feel. And little girls are the best. What is her name? God bless her.

    And I really enjoyed your Collaboration post with Laura, styling your Red Shirts. I love both of your blogs. =)

    I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving. =) Ada.


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