Oct 4, 2013

That one time when I got my nose pierced...


It was during my trip to California last month. Remember how I told you our theme of the trip was (ironically) #girlsgonewild?" (sorry to all the creeps that got here from an internet search... no nudies here) Well, my nose piercing was a part of the craziness (for those of you who haven't read the California post - my friends got tattoos).

I remember the first time I wanted to get my nose pierced. It was on move in day of my freshman year of college. My parents and I drove up to campus with a trailer full of all my crap stuff. We pulled up to my dorm and a girl poked her head into the car to give us the drill, "pull up here, we'll help you unload..." I didn't hear any of it - I just saw her glorious nose piercing. I had a momentary dream of getting my nose pierced and becoming an edgy-cool college student too. 

Unfortunately, dad squashed those dreams when he turned around and said "hey Ash, don't get your nose pierced." 

How did he know I was even thinking about it???
My parents are pretty amazing and I respect them so much. I was mature enough at the time to know that it wasn't worth causing any dissension between us, so I didn't get my nose pierced (I did, however, get my 2nd cartilage piercing while in college... I was so wild and crazy). 

I've now been out of college over five years. Why did I wait so long?

Well, there's the whole job thing. It's obviously not even remotely professional to wear a facial piercing to a job interview (if that is new information to you... well, I'm glad I wrote that sentence). I've been shifting between jobs and grad school for the past few years, so I just didn't want to get into a situation where I had to take out a nose ring that was not yet healed.

Now that I've been at my job for a couple of years, I felt a little more comfortable with it. I also figured I could just wear an clear stud if anyone had a problem with it. 

Then there was the issue of getting older. Now, twenty-seven isn't old at all, but my bestie pointed out that if I got my nose pierced post-thirty people might think I was having an early mid-life crisis.  Whether or not that's true, I decided to add it to my list of reasons :)

So that, my friends, is the story of how I decided to get my nose pierced. I'm really happy with it, mostly because it's so subtle.

Anyone out there have their nose pierced? Any tips or pointers for me?


  1. It suits you so well and I miss mine! I can be content living vicariously through yours though. So if you catch me staring longingly at your nose, you know why ;)

  2. It's so cute! I had my nose pierced in college, and I thought it was so fun! I've since taken it out but I don't regret getting it.

  3. I'm so glad you did it again :) It looks great!

  4. I think it was a great choice! It makes for a fun memory!

  5. Love it! It looks awesome. Way to be brave!

  6. I got mine done right before my 21st birthday and I loved it. For the longest time my bf (now husband) hated it. I took it out when I got engaged because I didn't want it to show or get a hint of shine from it in our wedding photos. The Saturday after our wedding I went and got it redone! It's definitely my favorite piercing and even hubby likes it. I would love to go back to wearing a hoop in it but for now I just keep a plain stud. :)

  7. So glad you took the leap and did it! Looks great!


  8. Looks awesome! I've had moments where I've wanted to do the same thing... still pretty sure it would cause some dissension with my dad, even at 25. Love it!

  9. I got my nose pierced about 3 yrs back but it didn't quite heal well, and one night of partying resulted in my nose stud getting lost! Thankfully, there's no mark of the piercing and no one can guess that I once had my nose pierced.

    Also, just wanted to add that nose piercing is a fairly common practice in India, and girls often get their nose pierced when young.

  10. It looks great. And honestly, it's really pretty and dainty! Good for you!

  11. I love the nose piercing. I had one in college. Unfortunately I worked with toddlers who would accidentally bump it too much. Oh well! It looks super cute on you :)

  12. Ha! I was wondering why it was conspicuously left out of your post about the trip...it's because you were saving it up for it's very own post! I still love it and love that you did it while you were here. Oh, memories. :)

  13. You are so edgy. And definitely safe from that early midlife crisis, now.

  14. Too funny. I wanted to get my nose pierced in high school around Christmas time senior year, and my mom said if I still wanted one after Spring Break, I could get it. I came back from Spring Break and about at least eight girls had gotten their noses pierced. I decided against it only because I did not want to look like a copy cat. During undergrad, I had people tell me my nose was too big for a nose piercing. I think it looks great on you, and I love that you all did something wild!


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