Oct 21, 2013

Outfit Post - Blue Stripes & Dots




button-down: uo (similar) // skirt: thrifted (similar1, similar2) // cardigan: lands end canvas //
belt: target // necklace: f21 // shoes: born

There comes a time in every blogger's life when she does the unexpected. That day is today for me. I posted an outfit on a Monday! I mean, things are getting crazy. 

I figured I owed the blogosphere a post today since last week was... busy (that's an understatement, my friends). So, you get an outfit. I usually keep my outfit posts to once a week because well, I don't really consider myself a style blogger.  I mean, anyone can be a style blogger - I get that I don't have to wear 3.1 Phillip Lim for that. But I'm just not that into fashion. I'm really not. I also don't own a ton of clothes, so there is a limit to my remixing. I will say that I dress much better due to blogging - it keeps me on my toes (no more pretending that nightgown is a tunic and then trying to wear it to work).

Happy Monday, friends! 

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  1. You are so sweet! I love how your smile is just radiating darlingness:) Love the outfit- perfectly cute!

  2. Looking cute! Love your pattern mixing. Hope you had a great weekend!


  3. Yep, so now you need to write a post about how to wear nightgown's to work! Make it work! haha

  4. I'm happy to see you post on a Monday! But how are your legs not freezing?! Does it make me a terrible blogger that I probably wouldn't know if your repeated an outfit on your blog? And even if you didn't, I probably wouldn't mind? Hope you are less busy this week :)

  5. This is absolutely STUNNING!

    Btw, I nominated you for a Liebster Award, check out my latest post! ;)

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  6. I love the cardigan with the blue!


  7. Haha love it! Love the stripes and polka dots - I've got to get better at this 'mixing patterns' thing!

  8. In love with your outfit! You have such style!


  9. love how cute and simple this is!

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  10. wooaah picking up your game! haha and i think this outfit is adorable (and id never guess you didn't have a lot of clothes!). I really like the mix of polka dots and stripes- it's so subtly but still eye catching.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  11. I know, thank heaven's for style blogging right? It totally helps me get dressed some days!
    This look is fabulous!
    Girl, get your buns to my link up! I totally wore my olive vest last week thanks to you! And you don't think of yourself as a style blogger...


  12. I love this skirt! I really want a polka dot skirt and Target had one not too long ago but their pencil skirts (Merona) have NO stretch. Boo. Anyway, this one looks great and I'm thrilled to know you aren't wearing pajamas to work :)

  13. I LOVE this look on you. Its so on trend for someone who claims not to be stylish. Silly girl! You look fantastic! Oh....and I am a style blogger who doesn't do outfit posts...a bit camera shy I am....and a budget babe. Lol! Style pretty doll!


  14. I feel the exact same way! I'm really not that into fashion or trends, but I do enjoy buying and wearing clothes, and blogging helps motivate me to not wear the same thing every day!

  15. Mixing polka and stripes is such a risky business but you nailed it! You look great in this outfit - lovely every single detail


  16. Love this outfit! Perfect pattern mixing and that cardigan looks so comfy and cute!

    Life as a Waterleaf

  17. This outfit is so cute! I love the belt/skirt/shoes combo in particular!


  18. What a beautiful skirt! Thank you for visiting my blog! Would you like to follow each other to keep in touch? ;) Let me know...



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