Oct 28, 2013

Fall Decor of 2013

How do you feel about seasonal decorating?

I usually refrain, just because I don't like to spend money on things that I only have out for a month or so out of a year. Our house is also pretty small, so storage space is pretty limited. I also love a clean house, so I try not to have too much clutter laying around.

That being said, I have to say that one of my favorite things about my grandma's house growing up is that she had fun decor items she would get out each season. Easter egg seating charts, Halloween broomsticks, and more Christmas stuff than you would see in a store. I love the idea of having lots of different seasonal decor, it just doesn't really fit our lifestyle right now. 

However, I do have a little box marked fall that I keep up in the attic. It has a few items that I get out every year and just kind of sprinkle around the living room. I just love fall decor (everybody loves pumpkins!) and I love that you can leave them out all the way until in Christmas. 

Here's what we having going on this year:

Last year, I made this leaf table runner and I still really like it. It was pretty much free for me to make, which is a bonus. All of the pumpkins were picked up at Hobby Lobby for 70% off (they were about $.50 each).

This little table sits in our living room, on the wall that leads to the kitchen. The gold acorns were $.50/each - picked up at a Target end of season sale.

I found the clear pumpkin jar at a thrift store for $5. I got the potpourri in a bag at Hobby Lobby for a dollar.  

Those fake flowers came from MIL, and I just stuck them in a vase that was empty on the windowsill.

Ah, the front door. Last year I decided I wanted a new wreath. So I waited until Thanksgiving and was able to get this one from Hobby Lobby for $13 (it was originally $80 - who pays $80 for a wreath?!). I love the way that orange looks against the blue door.

And this guy... not technically fall-y, but I have to mention it. I don't love scentsies (is that how you pluralize it?) because I think the containers just aren't cute, but the idea of an electric wax warmer has always appealed to me. A few weeks ago I found this one at Target and I thought I was sold (mason jar! gold lid!). I believe it was about $15, but I can't find it online anywhere. 

So there you have it; our fall decor of 2013. Nothing earth shattering (you put out pumpkins, Ashley... amazing.) but I thought I would share just in case anyone needed a reminder that you can decorate for fall on the cheap. Anyone else have some inexpensive seasonal decorating ideas?


  1. I really love decorating for holidays, it can just get expensive! We bought a few things for Halloween this year and I think we'll probably stock up over the years. But I love going into a house and feeling enveloped by whatever the season is! Cute door by the way!

  2. Everything looks cute. I am really digging fall and organising blog posts lately. Guess it is time for me to add cute-sy things around the house!

  3. Cute! I do just about the same sort of things. I have a wreath that I made for super cheap a few years ago and a few little pumpkins and flowers that I add to the mantle. Last year I started buying mums and a pumpkin to put on the front porch too.

  4. I'm the same as you, just putting a few little touches here and there as I don't like to spend lots of money on seasonal decorations. Although I will splurge for Christmas decorating, it's my favorite time of year!

  5. Sigh. It probably won't come as any surprise that I'm obsessed with seasonal decorating. We also have a tiny house with zero storage, but I am a decor hoarder (among other things). I'm pretty sure our house is one big fire hazard. The blue door with the orange wreath is super spectacular.

  6. love the fall decor ! I really like your blue door =) One more week down !

    Simply Sutter

  7. I love seasonal decorating! It's so much fun!

  8. Ashley, I love how you have added little knick-knacks to welcome Fall! Often, it's the little things that add interest to our personal space. And I love decorating my house by adding a few decor items. In fact I'm about to do a post on the same.

    PS: Especially loved the vases in which you've put fake flowers.

  9. so cute and beautifully captured!

  10. So cute! Your fall decorations are just delightful! But my favorite part, I have to say, is your blue door. LOVE. IT.

  11. Love your fall decor! I put a Halloween wreath up on our door. That is all. I LOVE Halloween and I always have good intentions of decorating more, but I haven't done it yet... Last year I at least got a pumpkin too. We have no pumpkin this year... Maybe next year.


  12. Hooray for bargain hunting - I love getting things after they've been marked down. I'm with you on not wanting a lot of clutter to store...but I do like having some seasonal decor.

    Love those orange vases! ...and yes, you pluralized Scentsy correctly. :)

  13. We do seasonal decorating on the cheap too. I usually check out the post holiday clearance racks and then end up forgetting what I have till the next year; which makes opening the storage tubs almost as good as opening a present.

  14. I love those acorns!! Great reminder to buy things at the end of the season and save them for the next year. Perfect tip for anyone trying to build their seasonal decoration stash.

  15. The pumpkin decors are cute and the wreath on the door is amazing! :)

  16. Lol I love it, even if it's simple! I like just simple seasonal touches myself! And I love having seasonal scents in the house too!!

  17. I love your wreath! and your front door is such a pretty color!


  18. 1) I love your decorations!
    2) I love the color of your door! We've been thinking of painting ours for awhile now, but we haven't been brave enough to do it
    3) I LOVE that you have an attic! I've always wanted one :-)

  19. I'm not much for seasonal decor either (unless we're talking Christmas of course!) I would love to get a fall wreath up, but besides that all we have is pumpkins!

  20. These are such cute fall touches! I especially love the wreath! I definitely need to try something like this! Now following :)

    Life as a Waterleaf

  21. I usually refrain from seasonal decorating as well but that's mostly because we have such a small place! Right now my husband and I are in a one bedroom apartment so the most we've decorated is at Christmas with some lights and a mini-tree. If I had a bigger place with more storage options though, I'd definitely add some subtle pieces. I like how you didn't go overboard with anything too in your face but instead all your items work together to complement each other. Very pretty look! My fave is THAT WREATH! :)

  22. Only recently did I get into seasonal decorating, and it's still not like I do much. I definitely think it's more appealing if you have the storage for the little trinkets and a space that lends itself to it. That being said, it's always fun to see how a few little items can really get you in the spirit!

  23. What a a beautiful decoration ideas! I love decorating for fall and Christmas! :)

    New Blog Post: Outfit Pairing Idea

  24. Love that wreath on the door, but $80!!! Do people seriously buy things like that for that much money? You got a great deal on that :)


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