Sep 30, 2013

August & September - Where My Dolla Bills Went

The monthly shopping confessions continue, my friends. For those of you that are new, I share all of the clothing items I've bought each month on the blog. I do it because, well, I like seeing what other people spend each month. It's nice knowing that there are other people out there who don't spend $200 on jeans (gross) and still manage to dress well.

I'm combining August & September because when August came to a close I was busy gallivanting in California and I really didn't have much to share anyway. So without further ado, my purchases:
 1. Dolce Vita Ankle Boots (similar1, similar2). Let's chat ankle boots for a minute. I NEVER thought I would like them. When I first noticed people wearing them I thought they were strange. This year, I couldn't wait to get a pair. I'm just not very "cutting edge" when it comes to style. I usually wait until something has been popular for a while before I try it out. I also like to wait because you can find things at better prices after they're popular. I believe these shoes were originally $100, but I found them at Piperlime for $29.

2. When I was in San Francisco, I ran into H&M for about 10 minutes. My bestie Hanna had to buy a purse (hers randomly started falling apart in the middle of the street). So while I was waiting in line with her, I picked up a necklace for $10 (not available online, but this necklace is similar). I kind of feel like I can't walk by an H&M without buying anything because there aren't any where I live.

3. I own a really nice black pencil skirt from BR, but strangely, my favorite pencil skirt is a pink one from Target (seen here). It is very thick and lined, so it feels much more expensive than it is. I have been thinking about getting the same Target skirt in green and I finally did! I actually found it online during a sale and was able to snag it for $15.

Total: $54

I feel pretty good about how much I spent over the last two months. I have been itching to buy some pretty fall clothes, but I am making myself wait until it is cool outside and I pack away all my summer clothes. I've also been hoarding some gift cards so October could be craaaazy.

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  1. I love those skirts from Target for the same reasons you mentioned and have several colors myself. That green is so pretty for fall and winter!

  2. Wow, great job! That green skirt is gorgeous!

  3. I love what you got! I waited on ankle boots too. And even then I wanted something with a low heel. I think I actually like yours better than the ones I got!

  4. great post! following you now. I hope to see you in my blog sometimes. thanks!
    Kisses from VV!!

  5. I need a pair of booties similar to those and a green skirt would be awesome as well. Love this!


  6. Totally agree about the ankle boots. Was so not into them at first, but now I love them!

  7. LOL to ankle boots looking strange. I scored a great deal on yours. :-)


  8. I'm so curious to find out when we will actually being packing our things away! I was thinking maybe this weekend but of course it is 80 degrees outside today! geesh oklahoma.

  9. I am like you, it takes me awhile to come around to a trend. I am starting to like ankle boots, but need to find just the right pair. I love how yours don't have heels. Gorgeous necklace and skirt, too! They were great finds!

  10. Wow - you got some great deals! I'm still searching for my perfect pair of ankle boots but now going to check out your other suggestions. :)

  11. That shade of green is EXACTLY what I've been looking for! Great job getting it on sale! Found your blog through Fran's link-up :)

  12. These are all really pretty, fun pieces that you'll get tons of use out of! Good job only buying 3 things in two months! Wow. And you got some good deals too!

  13. Great skirt! You always do a great job with your budget and getting lovely classic pieces.

  14. Those were such great finds! I really love those DV ankle boots!


  15. Love the ankle boots. Nice price too! Good job on budgeting!

  16. That's great for 2 months shopping! And grey suede booties -- I've had a soft spot for grey suede booties ever since I was a kid :)

  17. I have some Dolce Vita booties that I LOVE! Can't wait to wear them!

  18. Awesome finds. And girl you are so Thrifty. I have bought so much this past summer/fall it's not even funny. I love the Necklace & Skirt. I am currently looking for some Bright Colored Pencil Skirts. Need to check Target in hopes to finding this one. =)

  19. Wow, I wish my august/september shopping list looked like this, instead of like, 20 million new things.

    I would never have thought i'd do the ankle boot thing either, but I purchased a pair at Target (but man, you got a really good deal on yours!!) and now I wear them ALL THE TIME. And I love the Target doubleweave skirts. Very sturdy and hold their shape well, and aren't too tight or thin to show off everything underneath. The green color is so pretty!


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