Aug 26, 2013

The Hunt

Hi Friends!

Today I have the privilege of telling you about a really cool new website called The Hunt. Have you ever been browsing Pinterest or another site and come across some amazing item, only to find out that there is no trace of where that item came from? I know it has happened to me a few times, and each time it ended in tears, screams and fits. Well, now I don't have to have a temper tantrum anymore thanks to The Hunt. 

The Hunt is a social shopping site tailored to finding the most coveted items that users discover online. Users can easily upload photos that they find on the web, and the community of style hunters can suggest similar or exact items based on the user’s needs. It’s a great way to find new shopping sites, new blogs and a fun way to share your love of style with others.

Check out how it works:

Pretty cool, right? Here are some more fun facts about the Hunt:

  • Online fashion news resource Refinery29 recently talked about TheHunt: 
  • There are 325,000 active members on the site. 
  • Hunters can earn gems for good finds.
  • Start a hunt right from your Pinterest board, Tumblr, Instagram or upload your own photo
  • The iPhone app recently launched and it is so easy to use! Find it here:

  • And now, my friends, it's time to join The Hunt! Dig up some of those images with items you never thought you'd find and let the hunt begin!

    Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


    1. look at your sponsored post! so proud of you :)

    2. Oh wow, what a great idea! I hate when I come across a pinterest picture with a dead link!

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    4. This sounds awesome! Dead links are the worst...screams and fits for sure! Haha.

    5. This is such a great feature, thanks for spreading the word!!!


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