Aug 12, 2013

The Front Porch - Finished (for now)

Now that summer is almost over (the timing of my posts may or may not be way off) I thought I would share some of the updates we did on the front porch this year. But first, a look back through time. This is what our screened in porch looked like a week or so after we moved into the house:

I'll wait while you pin that.

So, obviously it needed some updates. So we painted the front door and swinging bench and bought some new furniture from Target and it turned into this:

It's definitely a lot better, but I felt like it was still lacking something. I shared the makeover on the blog and asked for your opinions about what to do (which resulted in a conversation about whether wind chimes are a good thing - jury's still out).

Ultimately Eric and I decided that the furniture we bought was just way too big. So we sold the furniture on Craiglist  and Eric made a table out of pallet wood. We also bought these chairs (they were discounted to $130 for 4) so the total of the new furniture was less than what we sold the old furniture for (I just love when makeovers turn out like that). We also painted the trim and replaced the ceiling fan.

 Here's how it turned out:










Much better, right?? The porch has finally become a cozy, fun place for us to hang out. We love eating dinner at the table and the porch swing is my favorite place to read. Our house is small, so the front porch has really become an additional living space.

Blue Paint: Cobalt by Olympic
Table: DIY
Chairs: Overstock
Door mat: Target
Orange Pillow: IKEA
Flower pillows: came with a couch
String lights: Target
Triangle Banner: DIY 
Blue plastic lanterns: Hobby Lobby


  1. Ohmygoodness it looks amazing! I love the bright colors and the addition of the string lights and bunting was a great choice!

  2. Love the porch, Ashley! And love all the bright accents of colour brought about by the addition of fun cushion covers, floral arrangements, plants and the lovely swing. Great job!

  3. looks great! I love how much seating you fit into the space...looks like such a fun place to hang out now :)

  4. The blue swing is great! It looks so, grab a cold lemonade and come read a good book for a few hours here. Nice job!

  5. Great job Ashley :) Love the blue and orange accents... very well done. Btw love your post on DIY bunting, I so wanna make one right now :D

  6. Oh my goodness I love it! It came so far!

  7. Love it! It looks great. The table and chairs was a great switch and it looks like such a fun place to hang out! We have a covered porch that's in progress and this gives me hope for ours!

  8. LOVE it. I want to come sit out there! We'll have to come up sometime for a day (w/ Duke) and hang out. :)

  9. Wonderful! I love the colors and the relaxed feel. And the paper (?) lanterns are too cute.

  10. Looks great! Much "homier" with the quirky cushion, hanging plant, and bright pop of blue to match your front door! Looks like the perfect place to curl up with a book :)

  11. I love the colors you chose! P.S. I'm a huge fan of wind chimes. I do make Adam go outside to get them when they drive me nuts in the middle of the night and I can't sleep though :)

  12. Wow Ashley, GREAT job with the porch!! It looks absolutely fantastic! It seriously looks like something straight out of HGTV. I wish I had that kind of eye for remodeling and design :) I especially love the little log you used as a side table! How clever!


  13. that was funny, i'll wait til you pin that. the after is much more pin worthy, and great job on that table!

  14. Looks wonderful! I love everything about it.


  15. I love it! Makes me want to do something with our back porch (I don't have much of a front one). Yours looks so relaxing and friendly! Great colors!

  16. You can never have enough wind chimes, Ash.

  17. It looks great! I love the blue you chose and the bunting is adorable!
    - Lora @ Craftivity Designs

  18. Beautiful! I love that bright blue! And number one purchase when we buy a house is a porch swing. :) It all looks fantastic together!

  19. Beautiful update! I'd love if you'd link up to The DIY'ers:

  20. I love the very final result. Your porch looks amazing - like something designed from the people at HGTV. So Chic, Cozy & Colorful. Those pillows are too cute as are both coffee tables, especially that table that looks like it's cut off from a tree. =)

  21. WOW! I am so in love with everything about this space.


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