Jul 15, 2013

Mom's 50th Birthday Party

I mentioned last week that things were going to be a little crazy during my birthday weekend (because you should get more than a day, right? Right?). My mom turned 50 this year and we wanted to surprise her. Her birthday is actually the day after mine, but we held the party on my birthday (the 11th) so she wouldn't be expecting it. We rented a room in a restaurant which made things incredibly simple. We just had to get the people there, bring a cake and coordinate the surprise!

Happy 50th, Mom! Love you!



  1. Such a sweet little party! Your mom is beautiful!

  2. Wow, your mom is a beautiful lady! Looks like a lot of fun =)

  3. That's your mom? and she's 50??!! She does not look a day over 40. You have some good genes running in your family! :) Hope you both had a good birthday! :)

  4. Wow you and your mom are both so pretty! You're a lucky lady to have her genes - she looks amazing at 50 years old! :) Happy belated birthday!!
    Nikki at www.bedazzlesafterdark.com


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