Jul 12, 2013

30 Before 30

Thank you all for the birthday wishes yesterday! I had a great time with my family last night and there are more celebrations to come - don't worry, I'm sure you'll hear about all of it on the blog :)

I have seen this type of thing floating around the internet for a while, and recently my friend Amanda shared her list, so I decided it's high time I did it too. Oh, and the fact that I've only got 3 more years til 30. I've got a lot to accomplish, yo.

30 Before 30

1. Go on a European adventure with my Boo.
2. Learn to take pictures in manual mode.
3. Host a fancy dinner party.
4.  Make curry from scratch.
5. Go camping with friends.
6. See the Grand Canyon.
7. Take a dance class with my husband.
8. Become a fluent Spanish speaker.
9. Find a workout routine and then stick with it.
10. Teach a class at a university.
11. Give money to someone anonymously.
12. Learn how to cut Eric's hair (not sure if he's up for this one).
13. Take a trip with my Bestie.
14. Join a dinner club.
15. Attend a music festival.
16. Think about adding a another little person to our family.
17. Read the Bible cover-to-cover.
18. Sew a piece of clothing that I actually wear.
19. Visit California.
20. Camp at the Wichita Mountains.
21. Post my house tour on the blog.
22. Visit NYC.
23. Bake a 2 layer cake (with icing) from scratch for someone's birthday.
24. Visit Washington DC.
25. Get another piercing.
26. Give blood. 
27. See The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
28. Donate my hair to Locks of Love.
29. Play a round of golf with Eric. 
30. Read 10 books on the top 100 list.

Anyone else have a 30 before 30 list?


  1. I AM SO HAPPY you put things on here that you've already done. This makes me feel so much better about doing that on my list. Also, can we combine our dinner party plans because that's on my list too! Also, not to be one of THOSE people, but on #29, do you mean play a round of golf? I mean, just wondering. Because if you could tell me how to play a round of gold I'd be down for that. Happy birthday! P.S. I'm heading to Moore on Saturday. See you there? ;)

    1. Haha, whoops! *now edited* I wish I had the ability to play some gold :) I'd love to have a dinner party together - maybe we should make that happen!

      I was out of town this weekend - but I hope volunteering went really well!

  2. Great list! I tried a 30 before 30 list 3 months before I turned 30. Um, can we say major fail?! Definitely needed more than 3 months so I'm glad you're being super proactive. Good for you! 30 will be here before you know it so keep at it! xo

  3. Ashley – I love this! Now I want to work on mine!

  4. That's a pretty great list! How fun it will be to cross them all off!

  5. Great list! Thanks for reminding me to update mine!!

  6. Love your list!! Happy belated birthday friend. :)

  7. Great list! I want to learn how to do number 8 as well! I do 12 to Adam and was super nervous the first time I did it but now I just remind myself that he can always wear a baseball hat for a week if it looks really bad! haha.

  8. fun list! I'm currently working on mine ... :)


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