Jun 27, 2013

June - Where My Dolla Bills Went (& A Closet Sale!)

As you know, I share my monthly clothing purchases every month along with some other bloggers. I do it to keep myself accountable, and to make sure I stay true to the reasons I started blogging in the first place (to get out of a fashion rut without spending a lot of money). So today I am sharing this month's purchase:

F21 Striped Blazer - purchased from a friend's clothing sale for $5

So yeah, I bought one thing. For $5 (true confessions - I also bought a pair of $3 pants from the sale, but I am giving them to a friend). My excuse for not buying more? Ehhhh, I just didn't want to spend any money. We went to Europe last month, and so far the summer has been a little more expensive (lots of small trips, eating out with friends, etc.) than normal. So I just didn't want to buy anything. Before you get all "Ashley, you are amazing! Your self-control is so inspiring" know that next month could be crazy. It's my birthday and I'll spend money if I want to, ya'll.

So. That brings me to the next section of this post. My friend inspired me to have my own closet sale! I don't have a ton of items, but if it goes well I'm sure I'll add more in the future. You can click the "shop my closet" tab at the top of my blog, or visit that page here.


  1. Good for you, girl!!! I always love months when I just don't want to spend money. :-)

  2. Wow! It's been so long since I've only spent a couple bucks on clothes for the whole month! haha... Good for you! Love the striped blazer!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  3. i still need to add a striped blazer to my collection. what a great deal!!

    re: your closet items, love your striped maxi! in case you are interested in another place to showcase your items, i started a closet on www.bistm.com and already made a few sales. check it out!

    COACH Bag Giveaway!

  4. Perfect post... like your new striped blazer :) Check out my blog... and what do you think... do you wanna follow each other?

  5. one item, and so cheap? we bow down to you.

    birthday months don't count towards the budget, i'm fairly certain of it ;)

  6. Good for you- such self control! Clothing sales from friends-- what a genius idea!

  7. That's a beautiful blazer! I'm co-hosting THE Collective Social Blog Hop this week. If you want to grow your blog and/or meet new friends please stop by at http://mamainheels.com/2013/06/30/the-collective-social-blog-hop-co-hosting/


  8. I need to start doing this so I spend less. I have a lot to learn from you :)

    I love this shop my closet idea! I have so much stuff to get rid of. Maybe some day!

  9. I need to exhibit some of the self control you have!!!!! Way to go!!! Maybe that can be my July mantra!


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