May 8, 2013

Outfit of the Week - A piece of advice

Striped Tee: H&M (similar)
Skirt: JC Penney
Blazer:  H&M (similar)
Oxfords: UO (similar for $20)
Necklace: DIY

No one loves unsolicited advice. At least in my experience. But for today's "Blog Everyday in May" challenge (that I am very loosely participating in... don't judge) I was asked to give some. So, internet, here it is:

Stop stressing. 

Just. Stop. I know, I know. Easier said than done. As a type-A, perfectionist, oldest child, I know stress. I know how it feels to be overwhelmed with everything you have to do (perfectly), all the people you have to make happy, and all the plans you need to make for the future. But somewhere in the last couple of years, I stopped stressing. It happened around the time that my chest literally felt constricted and my heart would beat a million miles a minute, just because I was overwhelmed by all the things I had to do.  It's then that I realized that stress can take years off your life. Really. So how did I stop stressing? Three things:

1. Prayer - I would pray that God would give me His peace that passes all understanding (Phil 4:7)
2. Rational Thought - I would stop and think about the things that were actually stressing me out. For example, I have a paper to write. Is worrying about it going to get the paper written? No. So, I would make a list of the things I actually needed to do to get it done.
3. Saying No - We are a generation of multi-taskers. In my opinion, we do too much. Why do we take on so many things? Learn to say no. If you are stressed out all of the time, you are probably doing too much.

I'm curious - what do you do to manage stress?

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  1. Great Outfit of the Week. Nice pattern-mixing. I Love the skirt, shoes & necklace. Your last DIY was great, too.

  2. Cute outfit! And if that is your new fence on the left side of the picture - it looks great! I'm with you on trying not to stress out, I recently just started telling myself to let things go. I help de-stress by going to my husbands softball games and taking the dogs on play dates ;). No but in all seriousness, the best way I have found lately to relieve stress is to leave work by 6 pm everyday. I used to be able to work all night long and it just made me crazy. Now I make myself call it quits at 6 because let's be real, spending all that time working and stressing isn't worth it!

  3. I love this outfit... Especially those shoes! Super cool :)

    As for your advice, this couldn't have come at a better time! Just today I was thinking about this subject and the need to say no more often without guilt. I'd rather do a few tasks well and with less pressure than say yes to everything and end up resenting it all. And it always helps to pray about it :)

  4. when I get stressed. I sit down & think about what it is that I am stressed over & tackle it step by step - take a realistic view as to how to overcome it. Yes, in this day & age with multi tasking, it gets overwhelming. There's always tomorrow...

  5. I don't do a great job of managing stress, so I won't comment on that, but I do agree that we tend to do too much and stress too much.

    Love your skirt!

  6. I manage stress by going running. I know you're probably shocked about that :) haha. But seriously, prayer is good. Or a great worship song. I always wonder what there is to be stressed about when I'm busy singing to some Jesus music.

  7. I so love this challenge! The reminder about prayer is such a good one, sometimes we'll try to solve it all ourselves, which ultimately just leads to more stress. Fun pattern mixing today too, so pretty!

  8. I drink wine to manage stress - ha ha !
    I am feeling stressed right now. Husband traveling for work, 2 kids, one with pink eye and we are scheduled to go out of town on Friday mornign as a family AND I have a presentation to my boss on Thur afternoon to my boss ANd I am traveling for work next week Whew. Hard not to be stressed and I feel if I let my guard down I might forget somethign important. Like showering or putting clothing on to leave the house

    LOVE your shoes and graffic skirt.

  9. I think that is GREAT advice. I'm a stressor and your 3 pieces of advice to relieve stress are spot on! I pray!

  10. Stress is definitely something i'm trying to deal with. I love your outfit and the print mixing!!


  11. That skirt is so fun, and I love it with the blazer and stripes! Great post. I stress way too much and these tips are so true.

  12. Great pattern mixing! I also love the blazer and oxfords with the flowy skirt. It's the perfect look for spring :)

  13. I'm loving your necklace. That is so gorgeous and so are you :)

    If you have a sec, hope you can drop by my blog and let me know if you'd like to follow each other:

  14. I am also the oldest child. Neither of my parents are and as such, they have no clue. I always feel pressure, even though I can't say they put pressure on me. It's just that on the inside I feel so obliged to do everything perfectly, never sit down and relax (or I could be called lazy),... It's me that puts the pressure on me, so I need to learn to put it off my shoulders too. Saying no is definitely the hardest part... So many people I want to see happy! But you're right. I'll take your tips into consideration!
    Lovely outfit too ;-)


  15. Great look! So cool:)

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  16. great words of advice for today - thanks girl :)

  17. Ok your outfit is super darling!!! Loving the shoes! ;)

    Secondly, your advice is soooo great!!!!! I get stressed easily but as I get older I'm trying to manage it better. Last month didn't happen so well. It literally ate me up and spit me out.

    Stress is one of the hardest things to deal with but such an easy thing to obtain.

    I usually break apart each situation and deal with it until I'm done stressing over it. Whether I solve it now or eliminate it completely, that's how I handle it. :)

  18. Could you have any better timing with this post? I've been super stressed lately and a friend straight up gave me the same advice. It's important to hear. :)

    Love those outfit and the SHOES!

  19. I honestly don't stress much (my husband does that enough for both of us - ha!). But if I do, I try to remember to take it to the Lord. He's much better at handling my life than I am!!

    In love with your shoes!

  20. What a prerrt skirt you´re wearing! I usually watch a movie when I´m stressing. ;)

  21. I love this skirt on you!


  22. Love the green on you and those oxfords are the bees knees!

  23. Cute outfit! I'd love for you to link up to My Style Monday.


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