May 15, 2013

Outfit of the Week - Emerald & Cobalt

Blazer: Old Navy (similar) // Necklace: F21 // Tee: Target (similar) // Pants: Target (similar) // Flats: Payless // Watch: Fossil

Today's Blog Everyday in May topic is "a day in the life." While I am not on top of it enough to actually take photos of each hour of my day, I thought I would just share a few things that are going on in my life right now:
  • This past weekend we celebrated Mother's Day, my dad's and brother's birthdays, and my youngest brother's graduation. Whew. 
  • We are reading, prepping and preparing for our upcoming vacation to Europe (Paris, London and Ireland). Guys, I'm pumped.
  • Eric and I are on a coed softball league and we are soooo terrible. But it really is soooo fun.
  • Warm weather means lots of fresh fruits and veggies in our house.
  • Last weekend was university graduation, which means our college town is quiet, desolate and wonderful.
What is going on in your pre-summer life?

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  1. Hey, its not how good you guys are but how much fun you have! And I'm glad that I'm not the only one that loves the desolate college town in the summer - its so refreshing!

  2. Emerald and cobalt look so great together! And on you!
    And I have to ask, were you a dancer at some point? I ask because you are totally standing in first position in most of these pictures ;)

    <3 danielle

  3. Oh my goodness I love this outfit :) That green is so bright and pretty and I love it with the blazer.

  4. I love this necklace! I honestly thought it was part of the shirt at first. And this blazer is such a great spring piece!

  5. Great Outfit & Great Summer Plans. While you will be leaving USA to come to Europe for the Summer, I am doing the opposite and I am so looking forward to that. When is your vacation from when till when?

  6. Love these two colors together. Great outfit!

  7. Noting says spring more then this color mash up. So Chic!

  8. I love the blue pants with that blazer, so cute! Thank you for stopping by our blog! I'm your newest follower on GFC!


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