May 30, 2013

May - Where My Dolla Bills Went

So, as I shared yesterday, I was in Europe for the last couple of weeks. I tried not to buy much leading up to the trip and I actually didn't buy any clothes in Europe. That might sound cray cray, but the truth is that I don't really love shopping, so I didn't want to spend my short time overseas trying on clothes. This is once again proof that I am the weirdest sort style-blogger - I don't even like shopping.

But I digress. Here is what I actually bought this month:

1. Black Jeggins (fromTJ Maxx - $11.99). I actually bought these specifically for Europe. They were perfect for the long plane ride and they were also comfortable for all the days we spent walking around.  (Similar - on sale at Gap)

2. Old Navy Striped Sweater So it's not at all sweater weather, but that's my favorite time to buy sweaters because they are so darn cheap. This one was $3.49 (in store - it's more expensive online) so I just went for it. I immediately stuffed it under the bed in my out-of-season clothing bin, but it will be a fun surprise this fall when I get it back out.

3. Old Navy Tee ($7.99). I've mentioned it before, but I pretty much wear nice tees and skirts to work during the summer. I picked this one up because it's a different color than any other tees that I own, it's super-long (I have a freakishly long torso) and because it was so cheap.

4. Old Navy Sweater Dress.  This purchase was completely unnecessary, but for $6.49 (in store), how could I say no? It fits really well and is a light sweater material, which is perfect for mild Oklahoma winters.

5. Born Flats I have been looking for a pair of brown flats for a while, but I'm trying to invest in nicer shoes these days (read about that here) so I was having a hard time finding anything comfy and affordable. Enter Dillards (Oh Dillards, I forget about your awesome sales). I found these Born flats for $35 and they are SO comfortable. I even wore them a few days walking around in Europe. They aren't on sale anymore, so I don't really know how I got them so cheap, but we'll just call it the luck of the Irish (you know, because I went to Ireland, har har).

Total: $64.96

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  1. I'm loving all of your striped items! And I have to say I am jealous of your monthly spend after how much I spent :( I need to be extra good in June!

  2. Love all the striped pieces you got! (And, super jealous of the amazing deals!) We are about to head to Europe for 7 weeks, so I totally understand not wanting to be in a dressing room (at all).


  3. What a great post title and then the post made me laugh. I love shopping but in Europe I love sight seeing. I understand why you kept your purchases to a limit.

  4. I love all those striped shirts! so cute!

  5. Cute pieces! That Old Navy dress is so cute- I saw it on clearance at my local's such a good deal!

  6. You did really well! I think buying off season is one of the best ways to get great deals. Tights are super cheap right now - I usually buy several pairs for $2 each and stock up for the fall.

  7. We are budget twins this month! I also got sucked into Old Navy and my final tally was $65! I love your sweater and sweater dress, but I have the opposite torso problem, so I had to pass on the tees.

  8. I love shirts 2 and 3!! I never think to shop at old navy! But they have the CUTEST baby clothes so I'm sure I'll be shopping there more often, I just need to remember to shop for myself!

  9. I have the same Old Navy sweater dress, and I totally love it! It's so comfortable and perfect. I love Born shoes as well - I don't wear heels and love having comfortable flats, and Born is a great brand!!

  10. Can't go wrong with stripes! And It's probably a good thing you don't like shopping that much...that way you aren't tempted to spend your whole paycheck!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  11. I love all the Stripped Pieces by Old Navy & you got them all for Great deals. You are right, the color of that T-Shirt is awesome. You will love that light Knit Sweater Dress (definitely no mistake in buying it). I have 2011's version of Old Navy's Stripped Sweater Dress, in two colors: Multi Stripe & Black+White (which you have commented on) and I love them both. So pretty, cool & versatile.


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