Mar 19, 2013

3 Quick Organizational Projects (or, how I like to spend my free time)

Today I thought I would share a few little organizational projects that I've done around the house the past few weeks. As I've mentioned before, I am kind of obsessed with organizing. As in, if you invite me over to your house for dinner and you ask me to open your spice cabinet to hand you some paprika, I'm probably going to do a quick mental calculation of how you could better organize your spices. I'm creepy about organizing, ya'll. *** Side note. I never say 'ya'll' in real life, but for some reason I always want to type it when I am blogging. Weird.***

On to the projects. The first one was born out of this mess:

Those are my embarrassing, inefficient kitchen utensil drawers. I had attempted to organize them when we first moved in, using some organizers that were obviously not a good fit. After I got sick of digging around every time I desperately needed my wine opener, I made a change. I purchased these organizers from IKEA, took out and analyzed every single item, and put it all back together. This was the result:

Muuuuccchhh better.

My second project was something that I had been planning to do for a long time, and I just finally made it happen. The space under my kitchen sink is limited, as it sits in the corner (see the whole kitchen tour). All of our cleaning supplies are in a tub, but I often found myself digging in the tub to find small items like the scrub brush and my rubber gloves. Not anymore:

I just used command strips to hang a hook and a clothespin. I love that both items are always visible and that the command strips won't damage the cabinet door.

The final project was one I've seen on a few different blogs and magazines and it is a REALLY great idea. Back when Eric and I first got married and combined our DVD collection, we had it all out on display. Fortunately, we have moved past that decor stage.  Here is what we started with:

Not pretty. I purchased dvd sleeves and cheap boxes from IKEA. Then I made labels out of card stock, sharpies and washi tape.

 Now the cabinet looks like this:

I left the tv shows and games in their cases, but every other dvd fit into the box with room to spare. Our home is small and space is limited, so this really is a game-changer.

So nice to get these things crossed off the list! What organizational projects have you been up to lately?

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  1. I need to organize ALL my drawers. Spring cleaning is coming up, so thanks for the post. How timely.

    This DVD idea is brilliant.

  2. I wish I could do that with our +800 (probably more) DVDs but my husband would freak! ;)
    He's kind of weird with his DVDs.... And so particular with the cases.
    And it's so overwhelming.
    Luckily they are all tucked into a closet, on book shelves. But if you open that door, I don't know where to dart my eyes first!

    I am obsessed with command hooks. They are a life saver in decor and organization.
    I want to start hanging all my frames and canvas' around the house with them.
    No more nails, no more holes in the wall.

    1. You know, I thought my husband would be completely opposed to throwing away all the DVD covers, but he was surprisingly for it. It still did feel kind of strange to get rid of all of them though!

      I always have extra command hooks handy - you seriously never know when you'll need them!

  3. I totally get this organizing mania as have it also. However, in my kitchen, placed all the spices in small mason jars to keep everything cohesive. Then I placed them on a shelf against a wall all color organized - white salt to yellow spices going to orange to red ie - salt to turmeric to saffron to cumin to paprika to nutmeg to black pepper...looks visually pleasing.

    1. Oh my gosh - color coding spices?! That is incredible! I love jars as storage - such a smart idea!

  4. I love organizing!!! It makes me happy to see others do too. :-)

  5. I'm obsessive with organizing as well! I recently just pared down my workout dvd cases into sleeves and it has been awesome. Love all of these! Thanks for stopping by

  6. Such great ideas! Love how you organized the dvds!!


  7. Oh my goodness, I totally need to organize my utensil drawer. The other day I got so mad because everytime I'm looking for something, that one thing is on the very bottom or in the back. I''m constantly pulling every single thing out of it. I need to get on organizing it!
    The dvd storage is a great idea!

    1. Grr - that is exactly what was happening to me! I had organized the drawers multiple times and it just wasn't helpful without a good drawer divider. So glad I can finally find things again!

  8. Mind to follow each other on GFC, FB, Twitter?

    have blessed day!

  9. Ok, you need to do this to my house!!! When are you coming over?? ;) My kitchen drawers are out of control and I can NEVER find the DVD I'm looking for. These ideas are super helpful. :)

    1. Let's be honest - if we lived close to each other I would totally come over :)


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